Wicked choices book 2

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Our goal is to involve and provide gamers with high quality, complex, in-depth and erotically charged stories that have far reaching implications and a lasting experience that will entertain our players on multiple levels and have them interacting in a world of their own creation by the choices they make. Sierra3 : Editor and Sound Engineer. Claire Crawford-Davies Life since her father had died had always been a struggle and a fight to survive for Claire, but with her mother and brother out of the way, that daily fight and struggle will change to being a new one for her.

Now she must struggle to find out who she wants to be without the pressure of other and fight to protect the only person who fought to protect her… her uncle, the Antichrist. Finding herself the target of those who want to use her to get to wicked choices book 2 uncle, Claire must now fight a different kind of fight… one to change herself and one to protect those she loves and cares about… will she succeed?? Will he fight and aid them? Or, will he fight against them? Will he find a way to return to normal? Or… will he learn to accept and enjoy this new body of his?

Doing it as a novel, means a year before any revenue from it is witnessed and, while there are readers of erotic novels, the reach to get the book in their hands is quite costly for marketing and advertising. Doing it in as a comic book, requires the cost of an inker, colorist and artist, as well as, printing costs, marketing and being relegated to porn alley or deeply hidden in the artist alley at a comic convention.

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Wicked choices book 2

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Wicked Choices: Book One -Remastered [v]