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In that regard, Miami will be able to take advantage of its warm weather and direct patron s with food or beverages to outdoor areas. Much depends on the local restrictions in place, but the center could have 50 donors indoors and up to a few hundred outside, with testing and other protocols in place to assure artist and patron safety. I hardly spoke to every patronbut there may have been some validity to his assessment. The artist came down and stood beside his patron to assess things.

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Michelangelo tricked his patron about the David, but sometimes he was forcibly reminded who paid the bills. He was a scion of immense wealth, a civil rights activist, and an art collector and patron. At the time, last March, the thenyear-old Omidyar was being heralded as a patron saint of the financially beleaguered newsbiz. It was evident to the German doctor that his patron looked forward to his great-niece's visit with pleasure. Owing to the death of Popham, their chief patronand other misfortunes, the colonists returned to England in Conjecture, lost in the mazy distance, gladly lays hold of something substantial in the shape of snuff's first royal patron.

He was a politic monarch, the patron of men of letters, and an excellent author himself. Nor can a telephone company legally charge a higher rental for a telephone to a telegraph company than to any other patron. New Word List Word List.

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Save This Word! Roman History. The Dictionary added new words and definition to our vast collection, and we want to see how well-versed you are in the formally recognized new lingo. Take the quiz! See pattern. Words nearby patron patrologistpatrologypatrol torpedo boatpatrol wagonpatrolwomanpatronpatronagepatronesspatronizepatronizingpatronne.

Words related to patron advocatebenefactorbackerleaderphilanthropistfansponsorsupporterfriendwell-wishercustomerbuyerclientshopperheadangelhelperguardianpartisansympathizer.

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How to use patron in a sentence In that regard, Miami will be able to take advantage of its warm weather and direct patron s with food or beverages to outdoor areas. Miami Heat to use coronavirus-sniffing dogs to allow some fans back into arena Des Bieler January 22, Washington Post.

Inaugural lockdown adds to local business woes Lou Chibbaro Jr. January 21, Washington Blade. Is indoor dining safe? Five health experts weigh in.

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II: Acadia, Various. See patron saint. Christianity a person or body having the right to present a clergyman to a benefice. Irish a variant spelling of pattern 2.

Ways of life patreon

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