Vampire sex tumblr

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Summary : When things between you and your love rival, Jungkook, start heating up, you realize that not everything is what it seems to be …. Summary : You had seen him drain the life out of someone, there was no way he could leave you alone now. Summary : Your vampire boyfriend finds you endearing, alluring. Summary : Jungkook has been keeping secrets from you but are they really as bad as you think? Perhaps it turns out he has been hiding something, like his hunger for you and his desire to keep you safe. Excerpt : You take in his expression curiously, trying to understang this new Jungkook that somehow both bold and shy, before tilting your chin to the lieft and exposing the curve of your neck.

A vampire sex tumblr hook of your finger into the collar of your sweater unveils more of your shoulder to his gaze. Summary : Jeon Jungkook, the monster alike your chilhood nightmares from past long forgotten in the of time, had managed to corrode your heart under the intensity of his chemical will, of his desperation of your kindness, adoration. He sought for your love, and although it was not such a thing the you were willing to let slip through your fingertips, especially to such an abomination as he - admittedly, you became malleable. But only under the direst of circumstances, on the complete and utter brink of death.

Vampire sex tumblr

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