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I was always a docile kid and aware of my responsibilities as a student to not aid in the ignition of a fight. But I also had enough self-respect to not just let myself get walked over. As bullies at my school soon found out, put a kid like me in a scenario like that with really no one else to turn to and you either get someone like me, or a doormat. Meanwhile, during my senior year, a lot of freshman came in, and with them came a shift in the system. And with how many there were, the bullies swiftly found that even if there was a weak chain in the link, another gay would have no problem quickly coming to step in and clap back.

Then there was me, the quiet gay, who, yeah, had a lot of girl friends who would try and step up for me, but I was never the type to clap back myself. In other words, I was the perfect target. So I somehow became notorious among the more aggressive, needing-to-prove-their-masculinity straight guys. Yet still, it was a strange relationship. But still it was strange because they started to get just the tiniest bit nicer. My friends and I would stay in contact, we texted each other the entire summer, but everyone else?

After starting Uni, everything felt great. Turning around I was greeted by the surprisingly close face of Peter. He was one of the guys who used to harass me in high school. Unlike many of the other guys, Peter was the only one I ever actually had classes with— in fact I had at least one class with him every year. Of course, why would I lose him now then? Swiping his leg away, I quickly got up and began walking again, thankful nobody saw that occur and wiped the shit from his shoe off my face.

Is that what you want bitch? Seeing me keep walking, he once again made a strange comment that made me pause once more before I entered the building. As we rode the elevator up to my room, it was a bit awkward. He started complaining about some of his professors, and how he has to drive to uni which is a bitch, especially with morning traffic. It was all too… normal. After unlocking my door, I went to place something in my bathroom trash as he rushed ahead through the small hallway.

As I closed the bathroom door, I heard his ruck hit the floor and the springs of my bed creak. Because I would kill to be able to live here. You think just walking from here to classes might be brutal? I had to drive a half hour to get here and walk from the parking lot to the other side of the school! No need to thank me, fag. They are just fucking killing me. I told him no and that he either needed to put on his shoes or leave and was already getting ready to show him the door when he got up off the bed and threw me on the floor again. So what the fuck are you about to do? I opened my mouth to tell him to fuck off, but again he must have been reading my mind because the second he saw my mouth open, he shoved his disgusting and sweaty foot in my face.

Now rub my fucking feet with your hands, or would you rather I use your fag face to massage my feet? Potentially I could have resisted more or screamed for help, but it tumblr male slave seemed like it would be more trouble than it was worth. His feet were fucking disgusting, and yes I was going to have to take a shower after this, but as long as I dealt with it now and was able to get rid of him afterward, I might never see him again and not have to deal with this shit.

After about five minutes of rubbing his feet, I spoke up. But I was a little surprised: I was doing a good job? Without necessarily meaning to, I tried a little harder to give a better foot rub, I mean IF I were to do this for my future man, I may as well get just that little bit better at it now. Otherwise I might need to whip ya into shape. Figured a fag would be the best way to go. Good job with the foot rub, fag. After leaving the window open the rest of the day and even using some scented sprays, my room still reeked by the time I was trying to sleep.

Why did he have to go to this university and why did he have to run into me? I was ready to move on and be free from all of those guys. Since it was just him, an avoidance tactic would be more plausible. Throughout Tuesday and Wednesday I did my best to stay on the lookout for Peter. Thankfully, I never even saw him and so while I was on edge, nothing ever came of it.

Thursday morning I was sitting in my last class when I received a text from an unknown that said:. My heart started racing. How the fuck did he get my ? Before I could even think of a reply a second text came through that read:. With my last class of the day done, I started walking back to my dorm before deciding to go into the dining hall to get a snack.

After leaving the dining hall it was a short two minute walk before getting to my dorm. As I was walking I took my phone out to change the song that was playing when a new text immediately came up that stopped my heart. Perhaps I could make a run for it, but at this point… what was the point. The least you can do is show yer old pal Peter back up to your room to hang out for a bit again.

Groaning, I once again walked into my dorm with him trailing behind me. The elevator ride consisted of more of the same. He told me how he met a bunch of new bros and was thinking of ing a fraternity. He said it sucked that aside from me, he was the only other person he knew that got into this school and that he had to leave his old bros behind. I was thankful for this tidbit since it assured me tumblr male slave there would be no other surprises like Peter that I should expect.

As we came into my room, he once again pushed past me and sat on my bed after kicking off his shoes. I feel like you never actually talk. Any fairy make his way into your life yet? Or maybe you do like the more straight-passing guys… yeah you definitely seem like a bottom to me.

I turned red at his insinuation… even if it was correct it was still embarrassing to hear. But I could be a top you know! My feet have been fucking killing me and the rubdown you gave them felt fucking great. Honestly might not have felt as good with a girl doing it. Nothing like having a fag at yer feet! It was strange talking to someone who had unrelentingly harassed me, and I mean, he kind of still did.

And yeah, I had tumblr male slave admit, the few times I made him laugh, he did look really attractive. I had settled on the ground and with him still laying on my bed, I had to look up at him and it was not a bad angle for him. He was laying horizontally with his elbow on one of my pillows propping tumblr male slave his head. It was nice seeing him in a different light, even if only temporary. After talking for thirty minutes, Peter sat up and started standing up but immediately recoiled and sat back on the bed.

I wanted to tell him no, but today was really nice, surprisingly …So I relented and scooted forward. As soon as soon as Peter saw me give in, he had a huge, goofy grin on his face. As I got to where I sat the other day, he motioned for me to go to the other end of the couch— it was in a corner so I had been facing the longer end ly.

As I got to the foot of the bed, he grabbed one of my pillows and placed it down under his feet and moved the rest so he could keep his feet at the edge of tumblr male slave bed while resting on them. Seeing him grab my pillow like that I wanted to say something, but just figured there was no point; he would come up with some excuse to keep his feet there, I would just need tumblr male slave remember to wash the pillow case. It was admittedly tougher to do this with his socks on. As revile as his feet were, his sweat functioned as a… natural lubricant.

I noticed he would slightly inhale when tumblr male slave my hands over his arches, so I figured that must be a sensitive spot. I worked my hands over the area pushing the tension down and out, using enough force to add pressure without making it painful. It was strange the level of thought I put into doing this for him. Whatever, he had certainly been more bearable today than when he was ly in my room. I just hoped that if he were to continue to force his way into my life, he would act more like he did today. After massaging his feet for a while, I looked over at the clock I had on my dresser and saw the it read PM.

We had gotten back to my room at aroundso I must have started around 5… jesus, this was getting out of hand. I looked up at Peter to say something and saw his left hand down his shorts playing with his dick. He held my jaw up, forcing me to breathe in through my nose, and try as I might to fight it, I was already out of breath.

As the first wave of his socks sweaty fumes made their way into my system, I felt my body grow limp and heavy. It was too much, how long had he been fucking wearing them? I had been saving these fuckers for you since Monday. Noticing and taking advantage of this, the last thing I saw was him kick off his socks only to replace them with his sweaty feet. I had one last look up at him from under his feet before I blacked out. Every time I tried to think about it, my head just throbbed more.

I was tired, though I had just woken up. Did I pass out or something? I got up off the floor and went to shower. I tried to look at my hand as I rubbed my face, but if I saw anything it must have been clear. I had no idea what that could have been. It was like instances of rubbing drool off of my face but it was sort of over my lips, under my nose, and on my cheek, far too spread out to have been anything like drool or anything like that.

I was too tired to even bother trying to figure it out, so I just finished washing myself before getting out, drying off, and getting back in bed. Again, I felt like there was something I was missing from my memory, but my pillow felt so nice and I was so tired. I took a deep breath and sighed, and felt my body grow heavy for the seemingly second time that day as I drifted off into sleep. I woke up the next morning feeling much better. As I got out of bed, I checked the time and realized it was already 8 AM, my first class was at 9, and while that was an hour away, I would have preferred to wake up a half hour earlier to give myself time to not rush.

Walking to class alone was twenty minutes, so quickly I put on some clothes grabbed my stuff and headed out the door. Um, this is kind of a weird question, but what happened yesterday? Thanks for the help. I had forgotten two of my three classes had big quizzes today and with all of my classes back to back, I was pretty busy up until my last class. I asked what happened after that. What actually happened? My leg was constantly shaking, he had to be fucking with me right?

It was hard to concentrate during class but I managed to slowly regain my focus. During the last five minutes of class, he finally responded with:. I rolled my eyes at his last message. Whatever, it was just more of his teasing. Though it was different now, I was slowly getting used to it. I was glad to be done with classes at onlyand now that the ordeal with yesterday was resolved, thinking back on my performance on the quizzes, which I did well on, made me feel pretty great.

So as revolting as it could be, Peter was slowly becoming something of tumblr male slave friend of sorts, he was at least in my life as much as a friend, so I responded:. Upon meeting there, Peter wrapped his arm around my neck rubbing my hair, which felt like a very strange act to receive from someone who had harassed me in the past.

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