Trials in tainted space sex scenes

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Trials in Tainted Space has an exhibitionism mechanic that determines how Captain Steele treats sexual actions while in public places. As exhibitionism-related content is encountered, the exhibitionism level will change. The calculation thresholds are as follows:. After getting to exhibitionism, if Steele continues to perform sexual acts of exhibitionism in public Steele will gain the Ultra-Exhibitionist perk locking them at exhibitionism. This also boosts minimum lust and lust gain when in civilization.

A warning will be displayed before the point of no return for gaining this perk. From Trials in Tainted Space Wiki. : Game mechanics Pre-Java Script conversion. menu Personal tools Log in. Namespaces Discussion. Views Read View source View history.

Any of these conditions: Has perk " Ultra-Exhibitionist " Has no upper undergarment or lower undergarment Is wearing skimpy undergarments, and current exhibitionism experience level is at 50 or greater or is a Bimbo or is a Bro. Current exhibitionism level is less than 50 Is not a Bimbo and is not a Bro Every in-game day passed while wearing skimpy undergarments. Every in-game day passed while being fully clothed by non-skimpy clothing. She is working on Tarkus. Choose to Test Drive and agree to the shootout challenge. Choose Petplay after winning against her. Choose Petplay after winning against her, and then selecting Public Use.

Choose to Turn Tricks for credits. May vary per scene. Choosing to drink Dally's Nectar. After choosing PublicUse from her Sex menu. Available if Steele has a tauric body. Available if Steele has a mean personality. Request the "SpecialOrder" from Herman's Food menu. Only available if Steele is a Bimbo or is Treated. When she appears on Uvetochoose to Tease her.

Choosing to Flirt and Flirt Anyway when Kelly is working during her office hours. Approach Kiro during her roaming event while under the effect of " Blue Balls " and accept trials in tainted space sex scenes offer to release the tension. Choose to give Kiro a Relief BJ during her roaming event. Only available if she has swollen balls. After talking about YourMission and choosing Under Desk. Can also be accessed directly from Nehzara's menu after unlocking the shuttle pass to Kressia. After losing the bet and BetYourself was chosen. Scene will involve Steele worshiping Xanthe's body.

Scene will involve Steele being used as Xanthe's mannequin. Exhibitionism Scene. Has vagina Minor Transformations. Silly mode enabled. Choose to Use Stocks. First encounter is a kaithrit futa. Where 'n' is a random between 3 and 6. Has Grav-Cuffs in inventory. Currently on New Texas. Using CuffSelf during public masturbation. Has Hover Hole in inventory. Using HoverHole during public masturbation. After being defeated in combat. The Treatment Faux Cow variant. Public masturbation scene becomes available when lust is high enough.

Scene involves a reluctant Captain Steele. Public masturbation scene changes. Scene involves a more willing Captain Steele, basically calling out for an audience.

Trials in tainted space sex scenes

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