The heiress game gallery

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First Prev 5 of 34 Go to. Ubik Old man in a young body Donor. Sep 8, 1, Reactions: alasadponyguy and OmegaXIs7. APoorSoul New Member. Jul 17, 12 Adrian24 Member. May 25, We are sorry for inconvenience. It just says "Failed to load the script. Grundy12 Newbie. Jun 11, 50 Honestly after hearing so much about the translation being bad I was expecting like Beautiful Duwang levels of nonsense, but this is pretty understandable save a few weird phrasings and minor engrish.

Its like reading bad fanfiction, but reaps above just machine translation. Also as trash that actually enjoys ntr, I wish people would stop tagging games that arent really ntr as ntr. Jun 1, I wish that I knew why Mega was being such a little bitch about this file. Anyone else having similar problems? Jul 6, 26 Serik said:. U need to run only the patcher, give a bit of time to finish,u see the 4 lines ,when is finished the box will close Reactions: KiresTheOne and ponyguy.

Aug 14, 2 0. Hey guys I dont know if this thread is dead but im stuck on the third step where it fails to detect my game. Aug 3, 4 0. Where I can see something like a gallery mode or some h-scenes where this place in game? Annsomni Newbie. Dec 30, 56 The heiress game gallery Active Member. Jan 16, Sougata Mondal said:. This is the steam version and the patch is for removing censor. Alex Mason said:. Reactions: ponyguy. May 13, 1 0. You must be registered to see the links.

Jun 9, 1, Holy crap. Anyone know what that song is in the menu? Aug 11, 1 1. A guy on the Steam Community board who seems to be the author of the patch has released a second version, to correspond with an update to the base game. Reactions: JetZ and ponyguy. Alright, the "fix" for the error doesn't seem to work. At least for me. Also, can someone tell me how many paths this game has? I wanna play the path that's the most depraved where Alice keeps getting fucked every which hole to the event horizon; unless that's the sex slave path already, although I see images where she seems to have turned evil.

Last edited: Aug 14, Animations worked in Dark Elf Historia's patched steam version tho. So far I've discovered the Sex Slave and Ordinary paths, althugh there could be another one if you don't stay with the Fiore fugly. Alsavir Newbie. Feb 5, 15 To get the evil path you need to have 15 kills murders before chapter 4. Here's the flowchart from ulmf that is machine translated. Not a great translation but readable. Flowchart English. Reactions: DanEdgerekon2 and ponyguy. Show hidden low quality content. You must log in the heiress game gallery register to reply here. Top Bottom.

The heiress game gallery

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The Heiress