Sword maiden of azure dragon f95

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Latest Updates. Live Sex Cams. Live Cam Girls. Log in. New posts. Forums Adult Games Games. Discussion Reviews 7. I actually really like the game. Yes, it's grindy. Yes, the translation isn't the best. She enjoys sex without being a slave to dick. She is ambious, ruthless, but still has people she loves. There is a great H game here there really is but the see text buttons don't do shit. Skip don't do shit for most part. Makes it impossible to see what was missed when holding the button down. The translations while far better then most is still barely above a decent MTL.

This stuff makes the game a chore to play. Person behind this was partnered with Wolfzq who was behind the godlike Cursed Armor. You can see similarities. Good The characters are great and heroine is one of the best of all time. Need way more like her. Art is great. Option to pick up item to max yourself stat wise from the get go. Stats are nifty. So just gotta lose to the first boss chick as it will level you up one per defeat until you can do more then blow hot air at the enemy. The battle system is unbalanced and needs a LOT of grinding.

So with those two things you have to grind like hell and your reward is scene you have already seen which will eventually bore the hell out of you. Another thing that's just personal pet peeve about game desing : why have mechanics that can block areas super early in game Especially for this game the dev should already knows that having a super long game with these kind of restrictions only reduces replayability sorry for the rant Sword maiden of azure dragon f95 the translation is not good, it doesn't suit a game like this one. On the plus side a lot of areas and situations to explore.

More games should have protagonists like Jiao, she is actually the reason I decided to finish the game. The character development for all the characters is pretty good ngl,Same goes for the story, it was actually interesting,but tbh it was kinda expected since it is based on a novel. Finally the art is pretty good, especially the dlc cgs. Overall, should you bother with it or not? If u like reading a lot yeah go for it. Otherwise definetely no,it will frustrate you. I'm giving this a rather generous rating here with the three stars, and the only reason I'm doing that is because this game has some decent CG - when sword maiden of azure dragon f95 repeated as constantly as it is.

Now, I'll break this up in three different areas of note. First will be on CG, second being gameplay and third will be on the story. Alright, so first and foremost, as ly said, the CG is actually pretty good and is really attractive to the eyes.

The characters are attractive, the of H-scenes are impressive and are fairly varied though some can be repeated over and over to the point you'll often become numb to it. Additionally, as the story progresses the erotic area will provide you with some unique outfits that change up the appearance of each of the MC's. So, all in all this is where the "high" rating comes from. Now, second and likely the most important part for some people is the gameplay! I'll sum it up with one word: Terrible. But, you might ask, "Why does that make the game terrible?

So, rather crappy, plus you'll lose interest in trying to grind given how repetitive and unrewarding the combat is. H-events are something you'll want to get as much as you can when possible as they provide you with some interesting benefits and such that can help in combat, but it's not really enough to aid you. Finally, the story It's not great and it's not bad, it's just okay. It starts off well enough but it often leaves you with more questions than answers like the recent star wars films that only gets stronger as you can often find yourself lost in the massive text of machine translations.

Though you are able to understand some bits and pieces and it's fairly easy to know where to go next to get things done. Additionally, there's a lot to do to learn more about the world. Yet, as discussed above somethings can be hard to get to or past due to all the grinding you'll be forced to do. It has good art, some interesting h-mechanics and it seems as though Tentacle is trying to branch out into the whole "Ahirman" type of stuff minus the bondage capture event stuff which this game has none of.

So, to wrap it up, if you're into grindy, slow, machine-translated text blocks, and awesome CG, this is the game for you! The game is actually bad, if we are talking about original H-content. There is unbelievable ammount of constantly repeated scenes. However, you may like this game, if you are a guy who likes to read tons of text and grind.

Actually pretty decent with very good CG. But in freeplay, one isforced to grind. After the 10th game over I lost interest. From my experiences with the game it was very good. The translation was crappy but the plot and the gameplay was good.

The porn is kinda meh, but it's nice to have a powerful, confident female character that isn't a lesbian. Showing all items. Top Bottom.

Sword maiden of azure dragon f95

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Sword Maiden Of Azure Dragon