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This article may contain content unsuitable for readers under eighteen years or older. Project X: Love Potion Disaster is an adult side scrolling beat 'em up game featuring characters from Sega 's Sonic the Hedgehog and fan characters made by Zeta Team, the leaders sonic project x love disaster game said team are NeoEclipse and Zeta R a pornographic artist. Despite being released, this game is still in development hell for almost 11 years.

Mickey Mouse. Kya parker. You can use the " this user" feature if a valid address is specified in your preferences and you have not been blocked from using it. Your current IP address is Please include all above details in any queries you make. From Crappy Games Wiki. This article is NSFW! Why It Sucks The gameplay is uninspired and repetitive; one could easly get bored after just thirty minutes.

Speaking of which, the game feels nothing like a Sonic game. The plot is very poor and feels rushed, despite the game suffering from Development hell : the game has been in developement for a whopping total of eleven years. The plot hasn't been improved, the gameplay hasn't been altered, and the game received only one update in that boosted its state from alpha to beta. This is due to really bad project management. The team members working on this game rarely spoke to each other.

This caused one of the team members, one that actually did most of the work, to leave the project. The game is infamous for stealing a lot of things: The sprites are used without the author's permission. The music is ripped from other games the forest theme is "an empty tome" from Castlevania: Judgement. The characters have no real voice acting.

Their lines consist of exclamations and other voice clips from various Sonic games, like two Sonic Adventure games and Sonic Heroeswhich is beyond lazy. The creators, Zeta Team, are sexualizing characters without knowing they're all canonically underaged. Horrid sound quality. The guitar riff in the Lost World and the 1-up fanfare are especially awful.

The secret areas are very easy to find. The enemy A. Almost every enemy can be killed by spamming jump-attacks in the sea level you can kill every enemies from a long distance and the game is also mercyful with continues. The game adds cheap moves as an attempt to make the game challenging, such as ghosts that are very hard to kill, bosses with un-counterable attacks and one area in the jungle level that disables your special moves.

The characters are poorly balanced and range from powerful Zeta to laughably weak Cream. The leader of the team working on this game cannot take criticism. Redeeming Qualities The game over screens are decently animated. The controls are responsive and you also have a good variety of attacks. Each loading screen features a different artwork. The ghost lady wanting to marry Sonic after he turns in his werehog form is a fairly good idea. Comments Sort by date Sort by score. Enable comment auto-refresher. You are ignoring the author of this comment Show comment Manage ignore list.

SpazJR61 21 months ago. Score 9. Score 5. GrammarFixer 21 months ago. Acapal 21 months ago. Creepy and uncomfortable: the best two words to describe this horror show. Mickey Mouse 21 months ago. Score Dantetm 21 months ago. Score 1. MonsterlandBuddies 20 months ago. This game is a complete disgrace to the Sonic the Hedgehog series! Seriously, why are certain people so obsessed with perverted content? At least keep them to yourselves! Mickey Mouse 17 months ago.

Score 4. I will never be the same after seeing this game and that gif. Animdude64 16 months ago. I felt horrified over what I just discovered. This game basically showed me that they're still exist pornographic games even after those Atari games. AkihitoZero 16 months ago. Score 3. SpazJR61 16 months ago. Paprika 16 months ago. Score 0. Considering how it took years just for another stage to be added, this thing may outdo Duke Nukem Forever.

Maybe even Yandere Simulator will take less time to finish I saw a video of this game and Chasemc 15 months ago. Welcome to Sonic hell, ladies and germs. Hope you brough brain bleach, because once you see this crap, you would of wished you just end Sonic off. RaymesisEvil 15 months ago. Paprika 15 months ago. At least defeating enemies can feel satisfying in GTA 5. The combat in this game is generic and gets boring after a while. Glitchedblood 14 months ago. Urotsukidoji-Miraheze 14 months ago. ChrisTheMan 13 months ago.

Who actually thought this was a good idea to release this, disgusting mess of sonic project x love disaster game game?! ElectricMarioTheMiraheze 13 months ago. This game is made me sick and disgusted, I really really hated this crap; I would play Better sonic fangames than This trash. RaymesisEvil 13 months ago. There is a Resident Evil Game that was made by fans but no sex, it's beat'em up and it's very good. Mrkepo 13 months ago. Who ever think it was a good idea to make this,Should sent to the asylum. JDM 12 months ago. Fortdicted 9 months ago. Whoever made this should be arrested!

PlayStationForever 7 months ago. The fact that most sonic characters are underaged make my brain explode. Jclem05 7 months ago. SpazJR61 7 months ago. Zhuguli 7 months ago. Score 2. ThePCGamer 6 months ago. Nonstopmaximum 6 months ago. TouhouOtaku 6 months ago. Agreed, how could Zeta Team make this horrendous pile of garbage?! SpazJR61 6 months ago. Because Zeta Team are porn artists. This game is just a generic porn beat-em up game with Sonic characters slapped in it. Jclem05 6 months ago. BlakeIsHere 5 months ago. Url8 5 months ago. No, they just made box art. They didn't actually release it on disk this game isn't even complete.

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Sonic project x love disaster game

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