Sissy maker game

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This is far the final demo version yet, but before go ahead why not see if we are in the right way. While you play this we are working on the version 2 with a lot, I mean a loooot of cool features, we hope you have fun for now. Go to our NEW website, log in and download it.

If you have problems running the game Win or Sissy maker game or other issues let us know as soon as possible. Last version of Classic version is online, our next game Deluxe is in advanced development. Check our PatreonDA or this Tumblr for news. Next version of the Classic game is on our website.

The game is still in early development and everything is subject to change. Visit our Patreon. How are you doing? Even in this hard moment we still working on our game to have some fun safed in our homes. And we are excited to tell that we started an intensive development of DX Versionnext month will be filled with more informations and materials. Lastest version is on our website only sissy maker game patrons and ready to be downloaded! But you can play the demo versions for free before become a patron: Sissy Maker Demo v0.

First update of the year i s on our websiteyou can download it. A few MAC users had problems lauching the game here is what fixed the problem of the most of them:. In this version a new character comes in, this new person will be important to expand the game from now on. So… if you have doubts, suggestions, anything, just tell us. A new version of the game is on our website.

Posts Likes Archive. We want you to play and tell us what you think of the new engine, aesthetic, menus, etc. SM Team. If you have suggestions or something that you like or dislike in the game, tell us! Top Photos. Recently Liked.

Sissy maker game

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