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This is the wiki for the game Sim Brothel 2: Revival. Note that this wiki is going to contain adult themes. It's intended as fetishistic fun and is in no way a social commentary. This is not the way things are, and neither is it the way things ought to be.

It's fantasy. That's all. If you don't like that sort of stuff, you probably shouldn't read any further. If you're still here and want to develop for the game, or are just interested, read on by all means. This link will take you to the devloper site that explains how to download the game. Note it is the devloper's sim brothel 1 of the game, so updates are blazingly fast, but they can be quite buggy as well.

If you report bugs to the devloper forum or devloper chatango, we can fix the problems quite quckly. Have fun with the game. For the time being, the girl's data will be added here. Other data will then be created as needed, and linked as necessary. Background Info Background story for the game, and the player characters. Girls and Free Staff The various girls and free staff that you can acquire. Base stats, traits, bios, and how to acquire various NPCs go here. This is where the girls without data written yet goes.

Traits and Jobs Traits used to describe the girls and jobs they can do in the brothel. Items The various items that can be bought, created or sim brothel 1 in this game. Data, description, effects all go here. Brothels and Upgrades The Brothels in the game and how to upgrade them. Sim Brothel 2: Revival Wiki Explore. Wiki Content. Girls Traits. Recent blog posts Forum. Explore Wikis Community Central. Register Don't have an ? View source. History Talk 6. Browse. Universal Conquest Wiki.

Sim brothel 1

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