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That orange suit would look tacky on anyone else but it fits dear Gio here like a charm on a Meowth. During his first few appearances he was shrouded by shadows and mysteriously sexy pokemon tumblr his Persian. Also, for the record I really like that pose the Rocket grunt is doing. BUT, Prof. Elm practically wins the award for the most adorable of all the Professors.

I mean look at him! And please submit! That little shit is top percentage of fantastic trainers out there on the routes. That badass will call you every freaking hour. Maybe next time. First up, his hair. Hell yeah. James has been through a lot a shit, too.

Born into riches, had a psychotic fiancee, struggled through years and years of failure as a Team Rocket agent. The works. Leader of the Opelucid City. Generally bad ass motherfucking dragon type gym leader. But enough about his personality.

No one wants to eat waffles off his personality, am I right? Where have you seen such perfectly toned thighs? Gary Oak? His muscles are practically popping out of his clothing. His arms, too with his hands encased in those sexy and stylish purple gloves. And those eyes. You know what those eyes are saying? Which brings us to the most important part. He could kill a man with that beard. And a grape. But how does he eat? Now Playing Tracks.

Sexy pokemon tumblr

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