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As we pulled off the Pacific Coast Highway in my used Toyota Prius, we were met by a wooden wall that receded as if by magic, revealing several incredibly polite attendants ready to usher us into the parking lot. The hotel is the Nobu Ryokanan extension of the brand of the sushi restaurant that celebrities frequent for its blackened cod and its accessibility to paparazzi.

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While leaving our 8 p. Our hotel room, minimalist and taupe-monochrome like Kim Kardashian in her Kanye phase, was so close to the beach as to actually overhang it.

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As we left, I was almost angry to have been given a tantalizing glimpse into a world that I now know only exists for the razor-sharp guillotine edge of the 0. The original occupied a world where gawking at the rich was a delightful hobby and not a grotesque reminder of the inequality of our economic system. This was a time when partying like Paris Hilton was aspirationalwhen logos on purses real or faux were ostentatious, and when the heroes and heroines of teen TV were high schoolers from Laguna Beach whose d gifted them BMWs just, well, because.

Chuck, Blair, and Serena fitted perfectly into this mold, scions of the Upper East Side who could flit from penthouse to Soho clubs with an effortlessness that we, the tacky and poor suburbanites watching, could only gaze upon in awe.

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In this cultural atmosphere, people like Ivanka and Jared cameoed on the show unironically because being seen as part of that Upper East Side world was something good. Just imagine a Trump — or even a Scaramucci — cameoing on the new Gossip Girl. This American pastime of watching wealthy people live excessively was easier when the idea that such wealth was dictated by a meritocracy felt easier to muster.

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For celebrities in general, the tide turned with the onset of the pandemic, as Amanda Hess expertly documented for the New York Times :. In this climate, celebrities talking about their relatable troubles while posing against the floor-to-ceiling windows of their climate-controlled Beverly Hills home appears less aspirational and more woman-asking-if-the- Titanic -lifeboats-will-be-separated-by-class.

But the entertainment industry also seems to think it can give us escapism and social consciousness all at once.

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How audiences will take to this TV diet of insanely rich people wearing beautiful clothes and living gorgeous, unattainable lives, all while being very determinedly woke, remains to be seen. By Dana Schwartz. The difference between the two has never been more obvious. The guillotine hashtag is jumping.

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As grocery aisles turn bare, some have suggested that perhaps they ought to eat the rich.

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