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Profile Gallery Scraps Fav orite s Journals. Actually my game has just a zoo where you would work, mostly being a prey to the animals you have to take care off, later on some prey may also come, as well as the outside of the zoo where you could spend the money earned through various missions in the zoo or inside the predators living in it should I say But actualy, for this game I would like people who play it to be also able to add to it their own creations with copyrights to them for what they addlike characters, quests, bio for animals and stuff.

Below, updates log, coming updates, and guide on how to add a character. Updates ed up to now : A few creatures. Updates coming : unknown: Add Dara the antho cat in her shop with oral vore. And even if you are bad I can help correct the text and tell you how to improve. Fourth : You can ask to get special mechanics added in game.

Like player transform after getting eatenshrunk, whatever you want. The calm heartbeat help you relax in the softness of the walls. Quest vore game start melting down painlesssly and soon you are gone, adding to her breasts. Leave Ask to get eaten Look at 4. Leave Ask to get eaten Look at You can also for one character have many stomach, way in and out, interactions, and even quests like remove an item stuck in their stomach.

LOLman Writer link. The link to said text game is this.

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Thank youforgot to put it myself XD. LOLman Writer link parent. And in your text file too apparently.

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