Princess trainer walk through

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Home About Us. It has been in development for multiple years and has gone through a variety of iterations. Some old scenes from the game, especially those with the character Lola, have been cut in favor of extra content being added while other areas of the game, such as those with Iris, have been expanded completely.

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After completing Food for the Poor, visit Balsam in the market and this quest will be available on his menu. This is one of the more straightforward missions to complete, but if you need help, you can check out the Family Feud guide here. After visiting Maslab's tavern a couple times an option to arm-wrestle with him will open up. This will get you the password you need to access the brothel at night. At night when you use the password at the brothel, Fat Lily will answer and give you the quest to get the Red Phoenix re-opened.

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If you need more specific directions, there's a complete Red Phoenix Rising walkthrough available. The rest are in the works. Be patient. Quest 5: A Friend in Need. Gold needed: gold coins maintain this amount, you do not need to spend it. After completing the Family Feud quest, go to the Market and choose the quest from Balsam's dialogue menu.

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Agree to help him catch the thief. He gives you very specific directions for how to complete this quest so just follow exactly what Balsam says. If you need some help, there's an Investments that Bear Fruit walkthrough here. After The Nightmare Job quest is completed, a scene will start one night shortly after which allows the player to move Iris into the house.

Visit Iris in her room; the Fixing Everything quest will be available on her dialogue menu. This quest can be confusing to keep going as triggers are not always where you would expect them to be. You can use the Fix Everything quest walkthrough here.

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This mission can become impossible to unlock if you don't get it started just right. It's a pretty convoluted quest to complete with poor directions provided so there's a complete Pleasing the Mother.

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Princess trainer walk through

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