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A list of all of the characters in Princess and Conquest alongside the various kingdoms. Spoilers for the characters are marked below, though per wiki policy, tropes themselves are unmarked. The player character, a new hire at Knights Incorporated whose first job went considerably worse than expected. She wants to learn more about human culture. Owns and operates the Tavern. Friendly, but assertive enough to keep the peace in her tavern. Perpetually tipsy. This burly raider helps Faun Princess keeping her Tavern clear of troublemakers, while he waits for his Princess to come and take princess and conquest harvest princess back on board.

A princess who has trained in the art of dance and intense fucking sessions. She is constantly on the hunt for men and women to add to her harem. The first golem to be created by others of her kind. Born with an innate sense of wonder, she hopes to learn more about the world. Harvest Princess is the leader of Harvest Reign. She and her citizens are humble, friendly, and generous. The official princess of the human race. Born with a silver spoon in her mouth and raised to be a housewife, she longs for a life of adventure.

A lifetime of death has given this princess a humerus outlook on life. Only someone with a lot of guts can charm this hip maiden. A princess whose soul was enveloped in a gem, eventually becoming a slime girl. A maiden's heart still remains within her original skeleton. Not a princess' ghost, but rather, the ethereal and mute Ghost Princess. If she ever turns red, run as fast as you can. The haughty, coquettish princess of a breeding empire. Rather than choose many partners, she wishes to mate with one partner forever.

The future of the Insect Princess had long since been decided for her as the kingdom's broodmother. Her heart, however, yearns for love. Community Showcase More. Follow TV Tropes. You need to to do this. Get Known if you don't have an. Accidental Pornomancer : Sir Knight is, for one reason or another, extremely likely to end up in bed will all manner of commoners and princesses, even if unintentionally.

All a Part of the Job : Helping Princesses is his job, whether it be helping out at a diplomatic tea party or saving them from a siege. It is up to the player to decide how or if he plans to remedy this. Multiple-Choice Past : The player is able to choose what type of knight he is, and this decision determines what bonuses he starts the game with.

Examples are having a higher reputation with certain types of princesses, being a budding necromancer that has collected an entire skeleton, having good diplomatic prowess, or starting with a random dowry. Kobold Princess. Cute Monster Girl : Par the course for this game.

Lightning Bruiser princess and conquest harvest princess Her special ability in combat, Kobold Fury, lets her leap over foes. Pair this with her tendency to dual-wield daggers and other small weapons, and she can do a lot of damage in a short amount of time. Mating Season Mayhem : The player character can find this out the hard way if he chooses to pursue her. Non-Mammal Mammaries : Despite being a cold-blooded, both her and all other female Kobolds have noticeable breasts. Key word here is had.

Royals Who Actually Do Something : Starts the game as this, with her hiring the player character and ing him to fight by his side, and it can go even further if he chooses to follow her route to rebuild her kingdom. Vapor Wear : To the point where her default costume is basically just a leaf skirt and a large rag covering her chest. Guild Clerk. Every respectable Guild needs a cute and polite spectacled lady at the front desk. Faun Princess.

Beware the Nice Ones : Some of the patrons have stories about Faun Princess removing belligerent customers with her own two hands. Desert Princess. Good Bad Girl : While being more promiscuous and hedonistic than most of the other princesses in the game, she cares about her people just like her neighbors. Royal Harem : Outright stated to have one in her description. Golem Princess. Cute Machines : Both her and a lot of her subjects have a surprisingly rounded de for being mechanical in nature.

Hartman Hips : For a machine, she certainly has an impressive amount of material on her legs. Wind-Up Key : Has one on her back to keep her powered. Harvest Princess. Ambiguous Gender : Even after getting the Cardinal Bell back, the only noticeable difference between male and female Harvest Princess while clothed is breast size. Insecure Love Interest : Easily the most timid of the princesses. Modest Royalty : Harvest Princess has no fancy dresses, magnificent castles, or opulent treasures aside from a lot of wheat and loyal farmers.

Unsettling Gender Reveal : After meeting Pumpking for the first time and reporting back to Harvest Princess, Sir Knight has the option of cornering him to physically check his sex. Human Princess. An Axe to Grind : While she uses the same weapons in combat as Anon, she can also use MP to throw axes that do a considerable amount of damage.

Buxom Is Better : While not showing as much skin as a lot of the other characters in the game, she does have a considerable bust. Covert Pervert : Was one of the first princesses to get a Succubus mode after maxing our corruption.

Princess Classic : Downplayed. While she is more laid back and seeks to raise a royal family of her own, she is fine to do it out of wedlock. Regal Ringlets : Her hair has multiple artificial curls that further declare her royal status. Supreme Chef : She can somehow whip up an entire banquet while camping and make 5-star meals using only travel rations and anything she could forage.

Skeleton Princess. An Axe to Grind princess and conquest harvest princess Her weapons of choice are axes, meaning that she can do a heavy amount of damage to enemies but has a harder time avoiding damage in a fight. Attractive Zombie : For an animated skeleton, she certainly could look worse.

Ballistic Bone : She can use MP to do damage from a range, but this also does a small amount of damage to her health. Interestingly, she can still use this ability even when in her human form. Blood Knight : Her kingdom has a high tendency to declare war on her neighbors.

That being said, she can easily go overboard and is likely to end up on the chopping block without player intervention. Boy Meets Ghoul : If the player chooses to pursue her. Her route takes this even further. Glass Cannon : Applies to both herself and her kingdom!

She can wield powerful axes that can do massive damage, but she lacks hit points. Her kingdom has 2 Power which allows it to win more fights, but it also has 0 Defense which means that they are easily wiped off the map. If the forces of life and death get unbalanced, the rest of the world will have a higher amount of undead travelers at locations as well. Slime Princess. Considering that Slimes can use acid to attack enemies and that they have bones in their gelatinous forms, Slimes have a hard time getting solid relations with other kingdoms.

Cute Slime Mook : Has some of these as bodyguards. Defrosting Ice Queen : Downplayed. While she is friendly to the player, the Slime Princess and her kingdom are quite defensive and isolationist due to their appearances. A knight who wants to get close to her would be wise to show her compassion that she rarely gets from outsiders. Older Than They Look : According to the game, she is years old. Finhead Princess. The Spoiled Princess of the sea.

Lives a sheltered life in the Diamond Seashell. Fish People : Finhe are, as the name might imply, aquatic humanoids who have fins, tentacles, or some other animal part instead of hair. Mermaid Princess. Anti-Villain : Her species was forced off the safer shores and into the depths by the other realms, and was forced to settle her species in the inhospitable deeper regions of the oceans where resources are scarce and life is harsh.

To say that she has to adopt a hostile approach to the other kingdoms to ensure the survival of her species is an understatement. Conditioned to Accept Horror : Her reactions to two of her subjects missing after the residential sea monster attacks is rather desensitized, a behavior that is shared with her underlings. Dark Is Not Evil : She's very pale and sports both dark hair and scales, as well a set of very sharp teeth, yet she's ultimately not that much more evil than the rest of the princesses.

Giant Woman : One of, if not the largest princess. Jerk with a Heart of Gold : Despite her very tough exterior, she shows that she really cares about her subjects and the survival of her species as much as the other princesses. Our Mermaids Are Different : The Mermaid Princess and her kingdom live deep underwater, which in their pale and grim appearances along with their tendency to raid their neighbors. Instead, she wears a mass of seaweed around her neck that leaves all but the top of her breasts completely exposed. Took a Level in Kindness : Gets a lot more calmer and less aggressive once you actually recruit her to the party, openly stating that she has no reason to be as hostile to others when you remove the factors that would require such hostilities in the first place.

Mouse Princess. Ghost Princess. Cute Mute : Starts the game being unable to speak. Sir Knight needs to aid her in order to directly converse. Stone Wall : One of the most durable Princesses in battle. Goblin Princess. Vaporwear : Her default outfit is a very tight black dress that fails to completely cover her chest. Moth Princess. The nosy princess of an insect empire. Her fuzzy wings can spread a fine psychedelic dust that more often than not gets her into trouble. Beware the Cute Ones : She is shown to able to cocoon a trespasser in a matter of seconds, and outright states that cocoons are left hanging around the forest indefinitely.

Miss Conception : Moth Princess has a hard time connecting the dots between sleeping with Anon and a sudden onset of morning sickness. Power Perversion Potential : One of her abilities is to fling moth dust at princess guards so Anon is able to sneak past them. She has ish view of everything from justice to relationships, but she can also cause a lot of harm unintentionally.

Cat Princess. This charming princess stalks the night, hunting giant beasts. She hopes to one day slay something as large as a dragon. Amazonian Beauty : A lot of her subjects are quite shredded. Cat Girl : Ditto. Rabbit Princess. Subverted when it turns out that she's never been pregnant, and that the little rabbits are actually people under princess and conquest harvest princess curse. Insect Princess. Beneath the Earth : Insect Princess and her kingdom, while part of the North Reigns, is underground at the start of the game.

If the Human Kingdom is defeated, then they will emerge from underground to take their place. Bug War : If she makes it topside, she will have constant hostilities with all of her neighbors to try and supply food for her own kingdom.

Princess and conquest harvest princess

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