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Did you ever wonder what adult film star you most resemble? Well, maybe some perv you've encountered in your personal life would like to know so that he can jerk off to you with some visual aids. That's basically how two porn sites—that use facial-recognition technology to match user-submitted photos of regular people to porn stars—are marketing their services, urging customers to pictures of their "fantasy girls" to find her hot lookalike.

Of course, it's sketchier and more insidious than that. Face Match, a feature of the site Naughty America allows users to submit a picture URL or photos from their desktops or mobile devices. Then matches are made and the user can then follow links to watch sex pornstar lookalike finder of the lookalikes. The problem is that immediately upon doing so, the site says that due to a "high domain volume" they aren't able to process the request immediately and asks for an address to send you the match.

It's a scam to get users' addresses. As for the examples of matches they have on their site, they aren't very good. Same deal with Katy Perrywho was matched up with a brown-eyed Latina. SexFaceFinder works a little differently. Users photos and the are supposed to be actual women available for paid live video chats. The technology seems faulty though. Pictures ed of Jenna Jameson and Kim Kardashian—two women who inarguably have the most influential porn looks—yielded no.

As Live Science points out, while SexFaceFinder isn't as effective, it seems to be on the up-and-up as far as complying with the Federal Trade Commissions recommendations regarding facial-recognition technology. Naughty America seems to be crossing the line a little. The Pornstar lookalike finder asks that companies using such technologies "develop reasonable security protections for the information they collect, and sound methods for determining when to keep information and when to dispose of it. This is sort of embarrassing, but I went years and years without googling my own name. When I finally did a few months ago, I discovered that there is an adult film star with the same name as me.

I wonder how many prospective employers knew this before I did. The A. By Tracie Egan Morrissey.

Pornstar lookalike finder

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