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You can even get a few cool things by doing so. Forgot password? Name. Password Forgot password? Keep me ed in. Community members will not see the footer advertisement. Interested in ing the giveaway? ! Introduction Hey everyone! I'm not exactly an avid Pokecommunity poster, but I have this from ages ago. I've been working on a Pokemon Essentials project for nearly a year now 11 months! Let's get started! Story Spoiler :. Team Rocket : stole a few Pokemon, tried to revive some fossils. Team Plasma : tried to capture a legendary Pokemon to force trainers to release their Pokemon.

But we're nothing like that. Team Asgard. Team Olympus. Whatever name we're called. We don't fight for freedom. We don't fight so that others may benefit. One does not establish a dictatorship in order to safeguard a revolution; one makes the revolution in order to establish the dictatorship. The object of persecution is persecution. The object of torture is torture. The object of power is power. We will sacrifice those who oppose us. We will be victorious. Bring it on. Explore the Vesryn and Aroma Regions, meeting already known characters such as Oak, N, Cyrus and Red in an epic battle for supremecy and mortal deification.

Will you rise to the challenge? Spoiler :. I can't believe you managed to fit so much content into one game! Nice work! Originally Posted by th3shark [ Original Post ]. Just got out of the intro, but I'm enjoying pokemon zeta reddit game so far. You should have mentioned in Features you had a Nuzlocke mode, would have played it sooner.

This looks awesome, I'll give it a try soon! What's the average play time? Originally Posted by Stochastic [ Original Post ]. Okay this looks freaking cool but you are you re typing some pokemon and are you going re "stat pokemon" like pikachu and Raichu Speed and SPatk or Electivire Electric, Fighting. It's something I've been seriously considering! The only real change from Gen V mechanics pokemon zeta reddit the Flare Blitz Flareon, but I may be adding more depending on whether or not they are wanted.

I really do want to make lesser-liked Pokemon such as Ledian or Raichu more usable.

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It looks awesome! Is it for a GBA emulator? If thats the case, then what emulator do you recommend? Im using a Mac, btw. If you have any cool Pokemon ROMs then make sure to leave their names at my ! Hello, is the DL down for this?? Age Why would the teams have a different name depending on the version? Especially two names referring to separate mythologies that have very little in common? Your introduction from the point of view of these villains seems to imply that these two teams are one and the same, just known by different names, but wouldn't this be a lot of work for very little payoff if that is the case?

I'm also a little confused by your concept for Mega Bisharp - I get the concept, that of a knight, but the implementation of that concept is a little strange. It looks like Bisharp with some small changes made and the back of a horse crudely photoshopped on. Haaave you read my LP? What about my [Un]Abridged series? Aquaman the Unabridged Parody Series - Language warning.

Waspert: It doesn't use an emulator! What do you mean you get that error when installing? There isn't really an installation process- just download, extract and click Game. Yuoman: I really wanted to have two games, there were multiple reasons I can't remember all the reasons at this point because it was a while agoand there would have to be enough differences between the two versions to justify having two. For example, the only real difference between Black and White is the version mascot, but in Ruby Sapphire you had slightly different plotlines and different teams and I felt, anyways that pokemon zeta reddit provided a much stronger justification for two versions then just money.

Also, I'm not the spriter for the game, so I only came up with the idea there should be a Mega-Bisharp rather than the concept for it. I wasn't a huge fan of how Mega-Bisharp turned out but its starting to grow on me. And in his defense, Mega-Ampharos is just an Ampharos with fabulous hair, Mega-Aerodactyl has a goatee- Mega Evolutions often are just edited versions of the original with a slightly different concept.

While it is, admittedly an edited sprite of the original, its still an interesting de that keeps a similar concept while changing it up. As for the crudely photoshopped bit, you're entitled to your opinion :P Thank you for the reply! Just wanted to know if anyone knew what it could be. Hello, Great game so far! My pokemon follower sprite doesnt have any animation. Is that normal?? I'm playing Omicron right now. It looks fantastic, and the start of your journey is also very original! Revisit Kanto in an all-new adventure! New patch up, guys! Feel free to download!

Multiple Save Files and Randomizers and bugfixes, oh pokemon zeta reddit Seen October 24th, It took me about a single day of non stop playing to get 8 bages and 1 day to beat elite 4 and vespryn spear. Bartlesville, OK. Your animated battle sprite pack is not working when I click on it I get told that it's no longer stored on the website.

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Didn't know if you knew. Name: Arceus Adopt one yourself!

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RSC Cooper Inc. What on earth? This Ponyta on just destroyed my entire team. Why is it so powerful?? Don't live to make people happy, but to inspire joy. Genius at the core of insanity. Shiny chance is normal in this game? I got a Shiny Pineco in the Naragex Forest.

Pokemon zeta reddit

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