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The adult game Fap CEO is technically classed as an idle clicker, though you can avoid most of the insane clicking and still enjoy the game immensely. It can be played in your browser, or downloaded as a separate file. Recruit girls, learn about them while they earn you money, enjoy their naked pictures as you build relationships with them, and so much more. All games on the network share a common currency, gold coins, that can be purchased through Nutaku, rather than directly from within the games.

Nutaku fapceo is owned by MindGeek, who owns what seems like half the porn sites and adult content on the web nutaku fapceo, including PornhubBrazzersand many, many other adult sites. Fap CEO is an idle-clicker game at its core, but has a lot of interesting systems and a through-line of a bit of a story to keep things interesting. The premise, briefly, is that you are the owner of a cam girl company.

You have to hire girls, who perform shows and earn you money. As you earn money, you can level them up, which increases the rate at which they earn you money. Then, you start over, but with permanent perks and bonuses. Each time you reach a certain level and sell, you start over, and gain more perks, which in theory makes leveling faster.

At the same time, there are a of interlinked systems that provide additional game play mechanics. The overall meta-game or through-line comes in the form of getting to know the cam girls. Many of these present you with a choice of answers or gifts to give them.

The story develops further from there. You also gain keys throughout the game, dropped from your girls while performing private shows when they perform private shows, nutaku fapceo can click on them to increase your earnings, with a slim chance of a key dropping. These unlock chests, which include boosts, items you need for the storyline, and items that you the CEO, of course can use in your office.

One of these systems is a stock market that lets you buy and sell various commodities, thus supplementing your earnings. With rubies, you can buy boosts, such as time acceleration, more keys, additional replies, and so on. At the same time, there is a tournament and leaderboard — a fixed duration event that happens every few days, and runs in parallel to your normal company progress. There are special holiday events and content, along with related quests. Pretty spiffy!

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Thankfully, like most idle clickers, this game continues, and time passes while you are offline. Your earnings are retained and then nutaku fapceo, providing you a nice, lump-sum boost when you log back in. We found ourselves popping in for minutes a few times a day. Collect earnings, upgrade girls, send a few replies, rinse and repeat. The desire and nutaku fapceo to upgrade your girls, sell your business, rinse, and repeat becomes a reward loop.

The adult content in Fap CEO is all hentai-style illustrated, rather than photo-realistic. From still images to more animated, interactive action, the more you play, the more that is revealed and explicitly shown to you. Animated bouncing boobs, for example, really do have a hypnotic quality about them…. The Android version requires Android 6. The Windows version requires:.

We did run into a few freezes, however, especially on Chrome. In several hours of testing, it only froze a few times. No freezes or crashes were experienced on an Android nutaku fapceo or in the Windows-based downloaded version. The download on Windows was malware, adware, spyware, and virus free, as tested on 2 paid and 2 freeware scanner tools. The Android app version was tested on a Windows-based Android emulator BlueStacksand did not have any viruses or similar, either.

However, like most freemium games, there are consumables that can be purchased, to do things like speed up time, unlock more replies in the e-mail system, get more keys to open chests, and so on. The primary currency in the game is rubies, and those, in turn, are purchased with gold coins from Nutaku.

You get coins free simply for registering and confirming your e-mail address. The prices, regardless of package size, are 1 cent per coin — except in the case of Maestro, Amex, or PayPal transactions, which cost slightly more. Frankly, while some of the purchased boosts would be useful, especially early on in the game, we had no problem playing for free.

It detracts from an otherwise well-built and engaging game. All that aside, the game is totally enjoyable as a free player, without making any purchases. The competitive tournament and leaderboard aspect is also a nice touch, since it gives you a drive to keep playing and logging in more and more.

Unlocking the story through the replies is also a good de element. We find the best porn in and deliver it to you! Browse our porn selection that was handpicked by our staff! Toggle Porn Explosion. Home Blog Porn Explosion. Porn Explosion Our Blog. Pros Fun freemium idle-clicker game with nudity and adult content elements.

Consistent and engaging hentai-like visual style.

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A lot of different game mechanics and features to nutaku fapceo things interesting. Regular events, quests, tournament, leaderboard, etc. The stories of the girls, and getting to know them, are a nice touch to make it more than a bland idle-clicker like a lot of similar games can be. Cons Progression is a bit slow, especially as a free player. At least in Chrome, repeated crashes forcing relo of the game probably a dozen times during the days we played to review the game.

A…ton…of…clicking will destroy your mouse, though the game works perfectly fine without clicking like a madman you will miss out on chest keys, though. Fap CEO - nutaku.

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