Nutaku crystal maidens

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Nutaku game Crystal Maidensan RTS-esque game featuring a cast of curvy warriors, is now available to play on Android according to a press release from the digital game's distributor. A dark force looms over the land, and you've found yourself on the shore of a strange island following a disastrous shipwreck.

You're awoken by a lovely druid woman who asks for your help in defeating this evil. You'll recruit a veritable harem of digital beauties to you in your quest to fight battles all over the island. When the sun sets and the battles are over, you can cozy up to one of your warriors for a romantic rendezvous. In the Nutaku game Crystal Maidensplayers move their units into one of several lanes to send them into battle against one of the enemy units on the board. Each character has their own unique strengths, weaknesses, and abilities.

Maidens are deployed one at a time and moved into one of the paths on the current level. They'll enter into combat with the first opponent they come across. Multiple maidens can be used to support one another and play to their individual strengths like damage dealing or healing. Outside of combat, you can upgrade your army warrior princesses with better skills, new equipment, and other options to enhance their power.

In other Nutaku news, time is running out to enter the contests nutaku crystal maidens running on the site for their 3rd birthday celebration. You have just under two days to enter for a chance to win free gold which can be nutaku crystal maidens to purchase games or the much more enticing chance at winning one of three Razor gaming laptops.

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Nutaku crystal maidens

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Raunchy Nutaku Game Crystal Maidens Comes To Android