Mythic manor passwords

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Log in with itch. I wouls appreciate it if anyone can tell me the code to esther computer file and the laptop in the safe. The password for the laptop in the safe is the name of one of the apps in the Recycle Bin on the MC's pc. It starts with a "s" and ends with "5". The code to Esther's computer is found in the shower. Take a shower. Could someone help me pls, so i put the surveillance camera on Velle s room and now i cant level up Naira more than lvl 22 cuz I cant watch the camera.

There's one to repair on top of the safe in your room and there's one inside of the safe. You need to find the 3 combination papers around the manor to open the safe. You can also buy one from mythic manor passwords the Old Man at the Lake, but it's tied to Jade's storyline. Hey did a video, where I recommend the game. Hope more people get to know the game! How to proceed for naira's hint "i need to watch something dirty tonight' How to get the pasword for laptop inside the the safe??

Im currectly playing ver Or i just continue play the update? Just transfer the saves files of this place, to the one of the new update, if there is not a "saves" there, just create one. Hai jikei, i play mytic manor ver For fanora i stuck in a hint " naira should watch something dirty tonight" Man I hope and prey that towards the game we can get everyone pregnant or at least all the manor girls, also interested in seeing if we become some sort of awesome mythical ourselves as the MC later on, I genuinely love this game, wish there was a decent size team behind this to play through this more, anyway great game and definitely looking forward to future updates mate, thanks for the wonderful experience so far.

I am stuck at Fanora lv I did the level with her and Velle, but it does not proceed. When I tap on her picture the same hint comes up, but she no longer appears in the pool room. I tried it a few times with different choices, but the problem persists. I play on android. I cant open the game its say "cant open mythic manor. Is there a way to enter Nefari's room when she is not there yet?

Hits tell me to find a key to the chest at the end of her bed and to search the drawer when she is not there. Last update we could install a cam in Jade's room, but I haven't found a cam for Nefari's room yet. Did I miss it or is it not yet implemented? I cant unlock them, and Ive talked with everyone in the city. Also cant find Paige. Those are Anastasia and Paige. To unlock Anastasia, mythic manor passwords to her at the beach blonde shy girlthen go to the beach's changing room at night. Paige can be found at Servix the store during the afternoon. After talking to her, her story continues at the gym.

I don't know if the opinion of "fans" that aren't patrons or don't put money on the game through any way possible actually matter BUT I need to say this:. The only relevant event in this update was with Velle because it wasn't an excuse for a random NSFW scene, in my humble opinion. The last update gave me hope on the matters about the story and about actual romance with the girlsit actually felt that something meaningful had started. That's it. Only a humble opinion from a humble fan of the game. Great work anyway, the game is amazing.

Mythic manor passwords in 3 parts. Not to be an ass about a free game or anything. But i feel like 0. I really like your work. It's on of the best. This update of 0. I wonder when's the next update Which s on ripped pieces of paper are important?

How do you get the last girl? Is there a way to get into the houses yet? Is there a key to the shed or any of the locked rooms in the manor yet? I have lots of questions but great update. You just need to find the 3 pieces of paper to unlock your safe, don't need to memorize the s or anything. What last girl? She's not in the game yet other than through the binoculars.

The locked doors don't have any keys yet. Honestly I just finished 1. Just need to figure out repeatable tasks. Then find the damn binoculars I looked in most places but still can't find them. I just played on Android and pc, are the sex scenes not like continuous at least at the beginning or is it that I am lagging? So im playing ver. Hello there I am having a problem with installing a cam in Fanora's room I don't have another cam n I can't find one either plz help. There's one to repair on top of the safe in your room and there's one inside of the safe.

Just finished the 0. Great scenes man. But I gotta ask when is Nefari going to stop this research mythic manor passwords and simply gonna bang. She is there storywise. Hello Jikei loving the game so far, I'm just wondering when we can expect the next update? Rough Estimate. Are you 18 years of age or older? Remember my setting for this browser. Yes, I am 18 or older or Return to itch. Gaij76 days ago. Jikei days ago.

CarDi8 days ago. Hey guyzzz!!!!! Any idea when the next version will be released Looking forward to it Saturday2d days ago 1 edit. I am stuck at Naira lv How i get a Nymph Cristal thak plss. Eferka 1 year ago KCNC11 1 year ago. Hey anyone of you know the password to esther's loptop? Jonerf96 1 year ago. Anony79 days ago 1 edit. And that password doesn't work. HenTie days ago. How to unlock this? Is anyone know how to get velvet pass? Can i ask you if the game will be released on Steam? Jikei 1 year ago. What a shame Skr skr 1 year ago. Hi is there any way to enable auto forward time?

Wakatsuker 1 year ago. Where I can Find Dahlia? Yeah where can we find dahlia? Im stuck on nefari's swimming advice. I don't know how to complete this part. Eferka 1 year ago. Anyone pls how to fix light in the entrance door?? Go to MC's kitchen and click on the box in upper right of screen.

Mythic manor passwords

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