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Latest Team Posts What new on the Teams forums. Pokemon News and updates Keep informed and updated Pokemon Giveaway Our pokemon experts can help you. Remember Me Forgot Password. Up. Guides Cheats Answers Forums. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. DS Wii. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Version 1. Greetings, fellow gamers! Oracle93 coming at you with his second full guide, and fourth GameFAQs file overall. The game is very different from a lot of games, and the concept is innovative: you are a rookie defense lawyer who must get five clients declared innocent in the face of overwhelming evidence.

While the game is not exactly a realistic simulation of courtroom proceedings, it is very fun and fast- paced and tests your critical thinking skills to the limit. Also, I have to be able to read it, so no IM talk or leetspeak. No unconstructive criticism, spam, death threats justified or not etc. Because someone has to stick up for the people who have no-one on their side. Law Offices.

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Phoenix must learn to survive in an legal system of guilty until proven innocent, where the rules consistently favor the prosecution. Throughout the game, Phoenix will represent five clients in far-reaching cases that deal with such subjects as blackmail, the mob, and police corruption.

Game Mechanics!!!!!!!!!!!!!! During the detective work sequences, you will control Phoenix from a first-person viewpoint. You have five options that will appear on the bottom screen: TALK: If there is someone in front of you, use this to talk to them. Use the stylus or D-Pad to move the cursor. Press it for a description of the object. MOVE: This will allow you to move to a different location. A list of accessible areas appears on the screen, so select where you want to go.

There are certain areas you can only access from one other area. The Court Record will open, and you will pick the item you want to show. When you select it in the top-right corner, it shows a list of all the evidence you have collected. Select an item for a short description. Sometimes when you get evidence such as a map or a photograph, the Check button appears in the bottom right. Use this to look more closely. Also, the Profiles section holds bios of everybody relevant to the proceedings.

During a trial, cycle through conversation in the same way as above. During a cross-examination, the statements from the testimony appear on the screen, and you can cycle back and forth through them with the two arrows on the touch screen. There are also three options: PRESS: Use this to needle a witness on the subject of whatever statement is currently shown.

Sometimes, this is all you need to do to get them to break down. Evidence added to the court record or presented is in all caps. If, during a trial, you present the wrong my sister mia guide or say something wrong, you will lose one of five exclamation points you have. If you lose them all, the trial is over and your client is guilty. Also, there are some things you can say that will lose the trial automatically! Q: Can I put your walkthrough on my website? Phoenix will introduce himself and the case, and then the trial begins. There are three questions to answer: Question 1: Please state the name of the defendant in this case.

The answer is Larry Butz. Question 2: Who is the victim in this case? Check the Profiles section to find that the answer is Cindy Stone. Question 3: What was the cause of death? Check the Court Record again. Now that the quiz is over, the judge believes that Phoenix is ready. The judge asks the prosecutor, Winston Payne, to explain what the murder my sister mia guide was. After this, Payne calls Larry to testify. Payne says that she had returned from Paris with one of her boyfriends the day before the murder.

Payne then asks Larry what he thinks of Cindy now. Larry could say something to hurt himself here, so Phoenix should stop him from answering. The motive is now clear, so Payne asks if Larry had gone to the apartment on the day of the murder. Larry speaks vaguely, so select to have him answer honestly. The moment this guy takes the stand, you should recognize him. It was strange because he left the door half-open behind him. Thinking it odd, Sahwit looked inside the apartment and saw the victim lying dead. He remembers the time exactly, PM, and identifies the fleeing man as Larry Butz. In this trial, it is not even necessary to ever press the witness.

Sahwit will now have to change his testimony to explain why he was so sure of the time. Time to cross-examine. Sahwit will change his testimony again. There was a table clock in the apartment, the murder weapon that was used to hit the victim. Payne explains that the statue is a clock, and if you tilt a switch in the neck, it will say the time.

The only way Sahwit could have known it was a clock is to hold it in his had, yet he said he never went into the apartment! Select that the witness knew it was a clock because he went into the apartment. The sound left an impression on him, which is why the voice was burned into his memory. Sahwit denies it all and throws his toupee at Phoenix.

The judge calls for order, and asks Phoenix for evidence that Sahwit heard the sound from the clock. The sound he heard was definitely it, a fact which is clear if you simply try sounding the clock. The clock rings and announces the time: According to Payne, the time is nowproving that the clock is exactly three hours slow.

She tells Phoenix to think outside the box, to not doubt the facts and my sister mia guide wonder WHY the clock was three hours slow. The judge asks for evidence why the clock was three hours slow on the day of the murder. Cindy had forgotten to reset the clock after returning home from Paris. Sahwit faints, and is arrested. The judge is impressed, and declares Mr.

Court is adjourned.

My sister mia guide

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