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Madison planetsuzy members please note: Imagetwist will no longer be allowed in any section of this forum effective Friday, Attention: There is a prevalent scam happening everywhere where the sender claims to have a password to a site and demands money in some form. Ignore it, do not respond and at most change passwords on any sites you frequent. Go to May 4th,AM 61 Al Gebra. Hustler January I'm afraid I haven't any time for reuplo.

Don't send reports or PMs of dead files or requests! Once the files posted above are expired, please help each other, add the info I provided as well. July 5th,PM 62 carolaholic. Madison in Images of Desire.

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And separate scans of the individual pics: The three pics in the top row are scans of the three s, followed by separate scans of the six photos. I can't find a date, even a copyright year on the mag, though there's c Gourmet Editions on the cover, and it has a serial : IY According to IAFD. I haven't seen the video, and don't know if her scene is limited to giving Byron a b. If the video has been posted on VEF, my searches didn't turn it up. Can anyone who has seen the video comment? Someone did comment that, yes, the lady's scene is limited to a b.

However, Madison planetsuzy just noticed that the post with the comment is gone, and I can't remember who enlightened me. Thank you, whoever you are, and I wish I'd added your name before you or more likely a moderator deleted your post. Here it is: On the inside, it has exactly the same three s of Madison in action as the other mag did. Last edited by carolaholic; January 2nd, at AM. Reason: Added italics. Much later: added a P. Even later: added pic. Later: tweaked text. July 11th,PM 63 carolaholic. Madison in black and white. Later: And now it is in color thanks to Demsal8 and his rainbow computer magic.

Many thanks, Demsal8. The pic of it on the auction was so dark that I couldn't tell if the lady really was Madison Stone, which may be why I got it for the minimum bid the postage cost more than the photo. When I queried the guy selling it, asking if the pic were of the Madison, he said he had no idea who Madison Stone was, and only knew that the picture was ed "Madison. Now that I have the actual photo, it looks like the Muffin to me, but I don't know if the autograph is authentic. Last edited by carolaholic; August 15th, at PM. Reason: Madison planetsuzy a wording.

Later: more rethinking. Much later: added a colorized version. Way later: replaced dead pic. November 21st,AM 64 viceguy. Thank you 'kogi' for sharing!

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Last edited by viceguy; November 21st, at AM. January 6th,AM 65 Temptation. Last edited by Temptation; August 8th, at AM. February 20th,AM 66 carolaholic. More Madison and Micky. This is from Adult Video Action for Maythough the whole name of the magazine, adding in the tiny print on the cover and contentsis actually Erotic X-Film Guide Spotlights Adult Video Actionwhich probably means that this spread originally appeared in the parent magazine.

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Much obliged again, Star. I'm not going to try to put all the Madison and Micky pics together into an even madison planetsuzy sequence than I did back in my old post. But if someone else wants to do that, feel free. I'm struck by the reference on the fifth to Madison's "long legs" not as struck madison planetsuzy I am by the legs themselves, of course, and the rest of the lady to whom they're attached.

Madison is a petite woman, 5', 3" according to IAFD, so her legs can't be very long -- but probably it's all a matter of proportion. Elsewhere in the magazine is another pic of Madison, accompanied by Savannah, from Racquel's Addiction : Skin mags often misidentify the performers in pics from videos, but that does look like Madison's posterior to me, though I don't recall a scene like this in the video. I do recall that Savannah wasn't using that name in the video -- she was Silver Kane, according to IAFD, which also reports that one of the male performers in the video is named Micky Ray!

Last edited by carolaholic; October 2nd, at AM. Reason: Fixed a few typos. Later: slightly rearranged pics. Long after: fixed a typo. Much later: fixed dead pics. March 3rd,AM 67 TexMadrid. The Sex Scientist. Here madison planetsuzy some images I found of Madison from Sex Scientist. Saw this a long time ago; very hot.

The last image, though, is from the also elusive Tropic of Kahlia. Tropic of Kahlia. Reason: added enhanced images. March 3rd,PM 68 TexMadrid. Reason: adding images. March 4th,AM 69 TexMadrid. Madison and Jeanna Fine. The Following 83 Users Say Thank You to TexMadrid For This Useful Post: 76Vettealain dupinaldyeApplBtmLuvrBlob90BryanKleistbushyycanigou66carolaholicCavaliereClark KentCOP11Creeperdantheman97daveydecafdiadorimdodoesedampselectile disfunctionelnegrowalterEnotestebanfummelinhogbeavegbeave00ggrgnarlyjoeheartacheimarcojaarjalfteziJason-Xjaydogbonesjeanrogerjemc2jessy89jhorgs90JimHawkinsjojsterKayJayNZKaylanNicolekeato10kojihidekraiglawlivetowinlouis-b.

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Madison planetsuzy

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