Lesbian incest stories

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Francesca Category: Lesbian Sex. Total 0 votes. If such material is in any way off-putting or offensive to you, please do not read any further. All characters depicted herein are over eighteen years of age. Unlike my erotic offerings, this tale is grounded in a real life incident involving my wife. The names have been changed to protect the innocent—and those who become a bit less innocent as events run their course. I really hope you enjoy it. Category: Group Sex. Late one afternoon a few summers ago, and just before dusk, the door bell rang.

I must tell you that I was a pretty miffed at the time.

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My wife, Betty, was away visiting her sister in Boston -- we're both retired -- and I had the house all to myself. I was enjoying some really hot porn on my computer, which I usually have to sneak around to watch when Betty is home since she finds the stuff disgusting. So, the interruption was not welcome. Category: Incest. I've been working as an escort in Cardiff for a few months now. I was a late starter -- I've just turned 54 years old -- but I've been surprised just how much business I'm getting.

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I used to do it part-time, but I've given up my job as a school secretary now and see men every week day. I only work during the days, not evenings, and my dull husband Don doesn't suspect a thing. Category: Lesbian Sex. This story was written a bit differently.

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I wanted to tell the story from all three perspectives, and do it in a unique way. Each break represents a change in perspective from one character to another, which will last through all but the last section of the story. This may seem weird at first, but read and you might begin to notice why I did it. My Aunt Jessie had been threatening for several weeks to call me over to her house for me to give her another massage after I'd massaged both her and Mom with baby oil in our back yard one afternoon and she finally did it.

I got home from work and was showering in the mud room when, as usual, I heard Mom call out, "That you, Hut? Notes: This is a deviation from my standard fandom of Mass Effect, but I couldn't help but ship these two characters together after playing Tales from the Borderlands. Having the double headed dildo halfway inside her sopping wet pussy hole. Adrienne was looking down at her sister who lesbian incest stories wrapped her mouth around the other end and started sucking on it fast and hard.

Adrienne could feel the dildo move inside her, rubbing and pushing against her soft insides as her sister Julie was moving it with her tongue and mouth. In their bedroom when they should be asleep, but what is going to bed and sleeping without a good cum?

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This is an edited version of the original. I hope you enjoy. This story is a complete work of fiction; any resemblance to anyone, alive or dead is pure coincidence. All of the characters in this story are 18 years and older. Chapter 1 It was Friday night and my eldest daughter wanted to go out for a disco. Being a 19 year old girl she loved to get out and party.

After my divorce, she and her sister had come to live with me and we were very close. During the weekend my younger daughter had gone on holiday to the beach so Caitlin was alone at home with me. Natalie My second daughter would be coming back in two or three days time.

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Category: Mature. It was a cold, damp, gray Monday in the middle of November and Dan was doing what he usually does, driving from one city to the next in his Midwest sales territory. He had left his home in the Chicago suburbs that morning, made a stop in Rantoul, Illinois, and now was on the back ro traveling to Lafayette, Indiana. He liked traveling the back ro whenever he could, as he felt interstate driving was boring. s: 1 2 ».

Lesbian incest stories

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