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She was ready to delve into a field she field in lanny pornstar she truly excelled. Right from the beginning she tried the nastiest of positions and starred in the raunchiest of scenes. Off camera, this Canadian girl enjoys sleeping with both men and women…as long as they can keep up with her!

Gorgeous and seductive, Lanny lives a quiet life in a peaceful neighborhood but secretly loves the dirty porn life! Lanny Barby's adult career started off rather slow inshortly after turning 18, with her appearance in World Sex Tour Canadaa low budget porno and a year later with an appearance in 2 on 1 14 and Lewd Conduct During this time Lanny Barby shot for Canadian content providers like adultcontent.

This content, including scenes with Bruno B, appears in multiple websites. It was at this point in her life that Barby got serious about her career in adult entertainment. In she performed in ten movies and her career has gradually gotten better since lanny pornstar. Barby has appeared on the covers of several men's magazines, including HustlerClub, and Penthousefor which she was Penthouse Pet of the Month in June Barby married male pornstar Julian lanny pornstar March 5,who is 11 years her senior.

Just a few weeks after getting married on April 1, it was announced by Vivid Entertainment that they had just ed Barby for a two year exclusive contract, making Barby the first Vivid Girl from Montreal. There has been much confusion with the spelling of Barby's name over the years. She has been referred to as Lanny Barbie, Lani Barby, Lannie Barby and many other spelling variations of the same name but the moment she ed her contract with Vivid Entertainment it became official, that the legal spelling of her name from that point on will be Lanny Barby.

She is allegedly the half-sister of Kimberly Franklinwhich has not prevented them from engaging in lesbian sex acts with each other in three videos. This Canadian beauty shares her sexual encounters with both men and women in both photo and video content inside - and as long as Lanny is satisfied, every body wins - even us viewers!. Well it is good to see a babe who says she loves sex and being a Penthouse Pet of the Month back in June she certainly is a hot babe that can tease and tantalize. Lanni is a real stunner, and has been making waves with her beautiful baby face and incredible body ever since she appeared in Penthouse.

Now she has her own website for her die-hard fans. Want your voice to be heard? Leave a review on her discussion. Jump to:search. Verted Pay or Play Porn Fidelity 3. Evans Jerry Dawson. Schoolgirls Stockings Teen Threeway Uniform. Personal tools Log in. August 29 Official Website. Lanny Barby Videos. Lanny Barby Free Galleries.

Lanny pornstar

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