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This is the wiki for Flash Visit the flash's index for basic data and a list of seen names. File: kill la kill ova preview. File: Gumball. This guy is pretty cool though. Ver27, AS3. Network access: Text: Yes. Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. I thought it was too big to be allowed on there, because of their 10MB max. Could be wrong, though. You're the best flash porn maker in the world, I can see a lot of work went into this.

Though it looks like he disabled tabbing? Can't use tab to change through scenes. Probably did it to prevent "cheating" finding secret clickable places. I agree on what you said on the filename, "klk. Did you do that intentionally OP? Nah, he takes way too goddamn long. If this'd come at a time when KLK was still relevant, then he'd be one of the best. Personally I can't blame the man for not wanting to do something half-arsed. I think there's a version 1. Kinda makes me sad that the best scene is the Satsuki loop. But I guess that's why it's a secret.

I don't know when porn artists will realize it. Instead of pausing everything, it pauses the camera. I was expecting some variety here but it's just tentacle flash At least he had the decency to put an actual dick in the credits of Wakfu. That was dissappointment incarnate. Click it for the scene. I mean, seriously? Why not just the scene we just came from, is that so hard? It is, kill la kill zone swf.

This fucking animation can't even run on a laptop from And he was able to animate this on a fucking Crapintosh. Wait a minute I wouldn't be surprised if that was the case. Impressive, well maymayed bros. It's just an animation and your computer cant handle to show it at 24 fps at your current resolution. It's important to realize flash is not a video, its better than that. These vector graphics give flawless quality in all resolutions BUT it will demand more from your rig. I think you guys are complaining too much. This is an amazing work and by bashing the effort this man has put into his work for all thesemonths of his life you're risking him never making another flash because people won't appreciate it he will feel like.

Is this flash really so disappointing that you don't want to see another one by him? Seems bland. Not only that, but it can take up to 40 minutes just to load if I do it after getting home from work. I've verified with the Bestbuy salesperson that this computer should speed up my animations, and if it's not then it's Zone's fault. Nice job Zone, you fail at making an animation.

A geeksquad tool fucking around with your laptop for ten minutes will not make it perform better. Most of the shit you listed has nothing to do with performance. Considering there was another delay to April 14th and this animation came out shortly after, that's too much of a coincidence. Zone knows the quality of his work. And anyone with a brain does as well. Not to mention he makes bank doing this shit, despite how long we wait. So it's honestly best to let him do as he will and allow the greatness to be produced.

There's only been 1 or maybe 1. I couldn't find the thing in the actual flash though. Has anyone seen it? Probably some left over debug code. I don't think it's accessible through the regular game. I hope someone mods it to turn it back on! I can now die happy knowing that GTA5 will be another shoddy port job, like 4. Flickering textures, welcome back! it somewhere else and link to it.

You could get something that could run games at 4k for that price. Not guy. Everybody complaining here is a fucking dumbass. The animation works well in my computer last updated 1 year ago or more at Full-HD and stable framerate, and the quality of this flash is excellent. So, please quit your annoying whinning, nobody wants to hear it.

If the animation doesn't work well on your computer, return it an buy one from another place. If the animation don't hit your particular tastes in anime accuracy, sound fidelity, or performance, you can learn to do them yourself, or comission someone better than Zone good luck with that to do them.

The voice of the avatar Zone-tan is a female voice actress 'Caxx'. However the artist known as Zone, on the rare occasions when interacted with in real life, is actually a male. He really doesn't want the stigma attached to the Zone persona to anchor or inhibit his professional real life, so he keeps real life and online persona's completely separate. I once had a live interview with him several years ago, and he is quite content to let everyone keep believing Zone is a female. So, sorry, but yes he really is a guy. That said: I'd love to have sex with Caxx just because of her voice That's weird, but I'm not the only one, right?

How long has this one been around? Or is it brand new? No, not really. If the scenes ARE hidden, they're hard as shit to find because I haven't. Well that's not as fun. I can figure it out. Share the file with me. If you're advertising 25 scenes, make them obvious. Nothing new. The most flamboyantly over-the-top thing in recent anime that wasn't JoJo. And you handle it by making a pretty standard, slow-paced generic tentacle flash? I mean, sure, it looks good, but where's the flare? Where's the energy? Modifuckrs is far superior to this by far just for the simple kill la kill zone swf of energy and craziness that goes on in it.

This is basically like having 10 or so minis lined up with one another. Really, the whole thing was just kinda average.

Kill la kill zone swf

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