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I like to think there is a parallel universe where reading comment sections is known as a soothing pastime because everyone on the parallel Internet is as kind and polite as the commenters on yourdailypoem.

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This is in line with Section of the US Communications Decency Act stating that websites themselves are not libel for content their users post. Thank you for clarifying! I admit i dont know as much as i should about the legal side of this, but it somehow feels worse!

Makes the whole situation feel less like a stupid idea and more borderline predatory, like yes we will be making money off your content but have no legal responsibility if you face consequences for breaking the laws we kind of encouraged you to. He wears blue Southern Water Tribe armor, and is drawn wielding his goblin tumblr in mid-slash.

Sokka is looking ahead with a serious, intense expression.

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The background consists of streaks of dark blues and grays. Source: unpopular.

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Goblin tumblr

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See, that’s what the app is perfect for.