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The less celebrated shit! Stuff like:. What are some of your lesser-known hypno-roots? Already thought of another one: the passage at the end of the book Hannibal where Dr. I know unlockingwonderland was super into a specific bit from sailor moon, but I forget which precise episode. Like Kim Possible and Shego. Someone already said Yeerks which I just realized was one of mine, lol.

Anyone remember Return From Witch Mountain? I feel like it was on Disney sometimes in the 90s but it had a major plot point that some of the characters were being controlled by a chip behind their ear. I hate him with every fiber of my being and it takes a lot to get me to hate a fictional character who uses mind control! He hypnotized Christine with his voice and eyes and music multiple times book, musical, various movies, etc. This started it all for me! Ladies getting hypnotized!

Fun fact this movie is how I got outed as a hypno fetishist to my best friends lol. Warning: horror. The Blood of Kali which mind controls Ibdiana Jones. Not girls being hypnotized but still hot AF, lol. Thank you for thejoker-thethief reminding me to add in Avatar the Last Airbender! If Sailor Moon triggered my sexual awakening, Misty triggered everything else. What is that? Is it real? Why do I like what it does to Misty so much?

Thank you for mentioning that King of the Hill one! Thats a deep cut and definitely played n impact. Watched it over and over and over. Thank you for reminding me!!! I was a bit older, and I was just so…fascinated with this clockwork planet, functioning like a little beehive, all good little drones buzzing away. What did it feel like for Charles Wallace to be absorbed into the hive mind? I was always curious about that for some reason. And at the time I would read old issues of X-Men comics from the early 80s with Professor X and Jean Grey and others doing all kinds of wild things related to mind control.

I want my mind played with more than my body. Hypnotize me, brainwash me, gaslight me, just fuck my mind up and you can do whatever you want with my body. Just keep scrolling. Just read and obey. Just allow all these words to gradually warp your thoughts until you can't stop. Just let Master think for you. Thank you erotic hypnosis tumblr advance. Definitely you a-ar-ari and you to babyarcadepuppy.

Veronica was very excited when her boss made the announcement the company was changing their policy on listening to music while working. Now Veronica was going to be able to get her work done in peace and the music might help with some of the mind numbing boredom of the job. The boss had even dished out the money to get everyone a nice pair of noise cancelling headphones. Veronica came in one morning and sat down at her desk with her headphones on.

The moment she connected them to her phone she knew something was wrong. There was no music only intense pulsating tones that resonated through her head. Something was wrong she knew it, and the sound only got more intense and unbearable with every passing second. The woman reached up trying desperately to pull the headphones off but it was already too late.

In a fraction of a second Veronica felt her mind give in and go completely blank. Every ounce of her old being wiped within seconds. There was no Veronica anymore. Only an obedient worker, and she's would serve her boss no matter what. Posts Ask me anything What's on your mind? Lesser-Known Hypnokink Roots. Needless to say I somehow arrived at that ending a lotttt Blossom getting hypnotized in the original powerpuff girls!

The mind-controlling, body-overtaking, essence corrupting Seru in the game Legacy of Legaia! Kohaku getting mind controlled in Inuyasha! Allllll the fucking mind control in Sailor Moon my god The Harder Better Faster Stronger video by Daft Punk, where all the members of the Crescendolls get brainwashed and have their memories erased erotic hypnosis tumblr fuck! Middle-school-aged me thought that was so so so romantic hahahaha. I was always weirdly compelled by puppet masters. Slave collars from Fallout 3 I know unlockingwonderland was super into a specific bit from sailor moon, but I forget which precise episode.

Oh yeah, looking back that was big for me. I thought of more!! Just remembered: - Temple of Doom. This was The One. My supervillain origin story. Oh thank god, someone else remembers the Erotic hypnosis tumblr of the Hill episode! Hypnosis and mind control was almost as common as quicksand back in the 80s and early 90s. I want my brain so melted it drips out of my pussy. True reality. Anonymous asked: Trigger warning for non consensual sex. I learned a lot from this post. LOL hypdom.

Erotic hypnosis tumblr

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