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Talk to the small pirate to discover that it's good ol' Wally, the cartographer from Monkey Island II! Even though it's nice to see him, you're going to have to break his little heart and tell him he's "a failure as a pirate. Pick it up, then pick up the ram rod on the back wall. This combination creates a GAFF, which you'll be needing shortly. Use the Cannon. You'll get a behind-the-cannon view out the port hole. It's up to you to make cannon-fodder out of each of Le Chuck's skeleton crew in the boats below.

To lower the cannon and fire at the boats closer to you, move you mouse upward. To fire farther and raise the cannon, move your mouse downward. Click on the red arrow pointing out the porthole to look out. There's a thing labeled as "debris" floating to the right, and a disgruntled talking skull on a plank to the left.

You need to find a way out of this place! There's a huge diamond RING behind the bag. Pick up the diamond RING. Use the diamond RING on the port hole. The Fort is just in front of you, but you'll never be curse of monkey island walkthru to fix the bridge or go there. Walk to the right past the mysterious Voodoo Markings on the tree toward The Swamp. It's that talking skull again. How'd he get up there? He says he's "Murray, the invincible demonic skull.

Head into the wrecked ship in front of you. Jerky flavor! Apparently, while you were chatting with Murray, the mangy pirates in Danker Cove have stolen Elaine! In addition to finding her now, you'll need to lift the ring's curse by getting Elaine another Diamond Ring of equal or greater value. There's one on Blood Island, but you're going to need a map, a crew, and a ship. Just for fun, when you leave the Voodoo Lady's ship, you can toss Murray a piece of gum to blow bubbles with. Go to your inventory and examine the BOOK. It's the "A, Mmmm, C's of Ventriloquism". Now take a look at the coat hanging next to the door.

It's not dandruff, it's His name is Slappy Cromwell and he actually knows someone who knows how to get to Blood Island. Grill him for info, then move on to The Barbary Coast Getting the Scissors That's quite a snazzy pair of scissors in the ceiling above the barber! Problem is that the barber isn't just going to give them to you. First, you've got to get his snooty customer, Captain Rottingham, out of the chair. Watch how the barber keeps sitting his comb down and looking away at a book.

Now that the barber chair is free, talk to the barber and introduce yourself. The barber's name is Haggis McMutton. Ask him for a haircut and you'll take a seat in his chair. Guybrush will knock it away with his toe, sending Haggis off to look for another paperweight. Now's your chance! To get it, push Bill. He'll begin choking on it, so do the Guybrush Threepwood maneuver on him and push him again. Getting Edward "Snugglecakes" VanHelgen to the Crew Edward wants a captain who can sufficiently insult him and then best him in duel.

Edward will take you to the battlefield. When he shows you the three open pistol cases, don't select any of them. You're about to try Dueling Banjos. It's recommended that you get a piece of paper and pencil for this one. When Edward plucks several strings in succession, he's going to pause momentarily and pluck one individual note. You'll need to remember which note he plucked, because you'll have to repeat everything he does. The easiest way is this: there are five strings. Think of the top string as 1, the next as 2, and so on down tofive. Whenever he plucks a single note, write it down.

Also, it's helpful to write them one on top of the next so you don't lose your place when playing the notes back. It's random which strings you get, but you'll always get three rounds. For example, here's one of my Banjo Duels:. Even though you've proved you can rock with the rest of the pirates, Edward is just a bit too good for his own good.

Curse of monkey island walkthru will win his respect. And it's just then that you realize he may be the father of a long line of infamous guitarists. See below. What possible harm could a snake Check your inventory. But first To your right, pick up a REED.

Blow on the balloon to send it floating to the vine to the left. Go into your inventory and eat the biscuit. Go to the closed walk-up window in the left, to the left of the table with the skeleton. Getting the Club Membership Card If you've talked to the Cabana Boy on the beach, you know you can't get into the club without a membership card. And if you've talked to Longbeard about it, he'll tell you he lost his membership card while cooking.

That will loosen his Gold Tooth. Now he carves something chewy, so give him a piece of GUM. Longbeard will blow bubbles, making his loose Gold Tooth an obvious sillohuette in each bubble. Longbeard won't let you leave with his gold tooth, so you'll have to sneak it out.

In you inventory, chew the GUM. A gum wad appears in your inventory. This will send a helium-filled gum bubble floating out the open window above the door, gold tooth safely hidden inside. If you've never seen this before, it's basically tossing heavy tree trunks end over end. The chances of Guybrush being able to lift even one end is slim.

Time to cheat! Go to the duelling field in Puerto Pollo, go through the arch to the right of the Theater. This will give you a rubber plug which you'll use in the boat in Danjer Cove. Go the Grassy Knoll. The Keg o Rum will roll into the tree and break leaving a rather convenient flammable trail in its wake.

Now all you've got to do is ask Haggis to compete with you and you've got your whole crew. Guess he didn't like them. Now pick up the OIL and head to the beach. Getting Across the Sand If you've tried setting foot toward the man on the towel, you'll discover a new tropical dance which involves a lot of hopping and yelping. He has the map to Blood Island tattooed on his back, but he may not tell you. Either curse of monkey island walkthru, take the mug from him and leave through the gate. Then, order a lemonade. For once, you'll actually get to drink it. Return to Palido by going to Brimstone Beach.

He'll flip over, revealing his back and the map. Pour the OIL on his back. This gives him a good sun burn, so you can peel the MAP off of his back. Danjer Cove Fixing the Boat There's a hole in the rowboat Row on out to the Pirate Ship. Then, climb up onto the ship. Here you'll meet the infamous Mr. Fossy, the secondmate to the dread Pirate LeCh-! He'll drag out the tar and feathers and you'll be looking fairly chicken-like. Pay a visit to Longbeard, telling him you're the El Pollo Diablo! He'll bag you in a bucket and you'll wake up in the Pirate Ship's hold.

Looks like the dread Pirate LeCh! FOSSY to send him away. Pick up the MAP in the vase on the table. Elaine is buried on the stage! He's juggling now and is going to come for his cannon balls soon. They're in that chest that was ly shut next to the door.

Pour the OIL over them. Part 3 Three Sheets to the Wind. Singing Silliness So your barbershop almost-quartet crew is not quite what you expected. While Rottingham was insulting you quite painfully, they were spotting breaching whales off the bow. Then they break out into this goofy song.

No matter what you saythey're able to find some silly rhyme to the last word of your sentence. Since trying to reason with them is getting you nowhere, here's a ditty that will leave them stumped.

Curse of monkey island walkthru

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