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Here you will be able to find guides on specific parts of the gameplay, as well as other information you might find useful. Pet hunting guide for opportunists and cheapskates. Many people try to get new disciples by spamming world chat. Warning: posting for Disciples in the World Chat will cause most players to block you even after one message, while breaking the chat rules may get the game Support admins to take action.

For the reasons below and not to encourage spammingyou should never take a spammer as teacher. To become a disciple, you will need to add someone as your teacher by going to the Teacher section of the Friends menu. Once there, enter the ID of the player you want to be your teacher. You will get an epic chest regardless of whom you choose as a teacher, but as the teacher will get a disciple chest for any disciple that reaches League The teacher will also get some gems currently 5 per dollar for every purchase any disciple makes.

For this reason, you should pick a friend as teacher, or reward someone who has helped you out when you started by adding their ID in the teacher box but you basically can take any player ID and stuff it into the Teacher box. If you want to remove your teacher, you can try contacting support, or just restart the game. There is no in-game means to remove a teacher. Cards that are left at level 1 show up more frequently in Chests and Summons. If you want a lot of a card, leave it at level 1. If you want to get fewer of a card, level it up.

Leaving a useful card at level 1 is an alternative strategy that costs you a good card initially, but pays dividends down the line. Best of both worlds, the card is bad, but it evolves into an awesome card. You can evolve cards once you reach League This is explained more in this section below. Taking Love Lady as an example, keeping the cards instead of using them for a level up will allow you to evolve Love Lady into the Love Mage which then evolves into Love Goddess and finally Aphrodite.

Aphrodite is a Legendary that is available to all players from the start of the game and is one of the best league unlocked cards that has end game use. There is no reason to level the chosen Common even once, as doing so will lower your rate of getting them. If you do level it by mistake, you can reborn the card back to level 1 once you reach Rank Once it has gone through reborn, it will return to being one of the most likely cards you can get in chests and summons.

Try to avoid doing too many reborns since this also affects their drop rate from chests and summons. If you do make this accident, you may as well take advantage of the any soulbinds you unlock before reborning the card. Soulbinds do not remember the max level of a card. So any cards that need the card you are going to reborn as a soulbind material you should soulbind before reborning it. Once upon a time before Octthere were penalties for leaguing up and even six months after many senior players are cautious about leveling. Since the Oct update, going up a League now is mostly good, key exceptions increased difficulty at L14 for events and L2 for events.

As explained in events, event requirements are more difficult at those steps, so if you level to 14 or especially level 2 be sure you're ready for extras like getting one event rare reborn 2x and another event rare to lvl What increases difficulty now is your total amount of troops. Please see wiki Pit for details. This is sometimes very difficult to do if you don't plan ahead and you insist on leveling up cards as cunt wars as possible.

There are also two Mini-Events that will make the wait worth it. One of them is commonly known as Hookers which is an event that rewards you Gems depending on the of level ups you made, and the other being Crisis a Mini-Event that makes level ups cost less gold perfect when you are low on said resource. In addition, there is the Cheap Upgrades guild bonus that should be used when leveling up a lot of cards along with the Crisis Mini-Event. Even if you don't "need" them, requesting cards allows your friends to donate cards, meaning they can rank up quicker, too.

Just be careful to use all your Journey attempts before you reach your next rank! How it works: Every card sent gives the cunt wars gold and EXP. Cunt wars with a decent friends list of common requests, you can easily get anywhere from 2 to even 6 Ranks in a single day just from this early on.

You can send and receive fewer rare cards than commonand players are normally less willing to give up the useful rares. This makes it a better idea in most cases to request commons. An exception to this would be requesting rare cards to help complete Event Path steps. This is a common occurrence a few day prior to the next Event or during an event.

Cunt wars your Friends some Friendship tokens is a way to allow them to quickly perform Fuck Buddies summon, hence helping them to acquire resources needed to level their cards. Furthermore, gifting is free and can be done with a single click of a button. Simply by playing a lot you can acquire many sparks they look like eggs in events.

If you are able to play often, you can amass more rewards from events than any other way in the game. Once you start the cunt wars you will have to finish a tutorial which will allow you to get some new cards. Once you finish the tutorial go to your friends tab find as many friends as the game allows you can send and collect as many friends tokens as possible. You should be able to receive 10 Friendship tokens per friend if this does not happen immidiately remove that friend and look for a new one. Friendship tokens can only be sent by that friend once per day so be sure to take that in mind.

Once you unlock Daily quests do not open any of the chests. Leave them unopened and reach League Once you reach this League you will unlock the Butt Pass which will give you free stuff. Once unlocked open all the chests you saved from Daily quests that day. Doing this will help you get a head start in getting more butt points and filling the Butt Pass. Make sure to not claim any reward from Butt Pass as you may need them a bit further ahead. Also be sure to not level all your cards as soon as possible as you may need to perform 1 level up per day to gain at least butt points per day.

If you do not have any cards to level up you will only be able to gain butt points per day. In case you cunt wars lucky to be able to perform a summon you will even be able to gain Butt Points in a single day. Remember that to pass the Start a Fight in PVP 3 times quest you don't need to win the fights you can simply surrender and it counts as a fight. Finishing the tutorial will also reveal a path called Road To Pure Pleasure. This path will allow you to gain some free gems helping cunt wars start in a less rocky way.

Be sure to complete every quest in that path before reaching League 25 as it will disappear. Upon reaching League 27 you should make a quick stop to gather some resources. You will need them since your first Event is around the corner. In this event you will have the chance to get a considerable amount of Rare, Epic, and even Legendary Cards cunt wars the 3 starter event cards.

The event only lasts 5 days so be sure to be as prepared as possible before tackling it. Preparing for the Starter Event is no easy task. You just started so you don't have many cards, Gems, or Gold to work with. For starters you should check the objectives you will be asked to do in Starter Event.

So it may be wise to have at least 3 cards ready to level, so that you can get past this step without much hassle. While you wait for the event you can perform some try to perform some daily quests in order to fill the Butt Pass you should at least try to stack Butt Points and if possible up to Remember to not claim any of the Rare Chest rewards as a certain step in the first chapter of the First Cum Starter Event requires to find exactly rare souls.

Until you reach this step be sure to not open any of the chests you gained in Butt Pass. Even if you don't claim any of the chests and the Butt Pass expires you will not lose them as your will automatically claim all rewards you hadn't claimed. Other proactive things you can do before reaching League 26 to prepare for the First Cum Starter Event are:. Once you feel prepared enough you are free to reach League Be sure to save your Sparks since there are certain quests in the Event that will require you to use them.

Be careful, if you used the Sparks prior to these steps they will not count. Another recommendation is playing using the PC and grinding for cunt wars during the duration of the event since it will help you get more Sparks than opening chests one by one in the mobile version. As you advance through your leagues you will be able to get a free epic card cunt wars a Temptress summon.

This summon can only be performed once in the entire game and it will become available once you reach League cunt wars Note: Sparks do not stay for future events so be sure to use them before that current event ends. One of the biggest pitfalls people can fall into in this game is to Evolve way too often. You get very little for the baseline exchange rate, and if you aren't even using the card, just don't Evolve it! Performing a Reborn on a card you accidentally leveled up will help you summon it more often. However, there is a catch! Each Reborn you perform on the same card also decreases the chances of summoning it.

This means there are more chances of summoning a Level 1 card with 0 reborn than summoning a Level 1 card with 1 reborn. Now if you add even another reborn this card will appear even less in your summons. This is especially true with Legendary Cards.

Empirical data has been missing from the wiki and is being gathered. Please message umotu on discord if you have any information to include. A Reborn cunt wars also decrease the power and might of your card so doing a Reborn is not always an option since it may make cards you ly had in your main squad too weak. Why should I even perform a Reborn then? Simple, a Reborn can be more helpful than leveling a card and they are sometimes needed for certain steps in an Event.

How do I know if it takes more cards to do a Level up than reborning it? It has table stating how many single Level and cumulative cards it takes to get a card to a certain Level. A good example of this last point would be doing the first Reborn of a Legendary Card once it reaches Level 9, the second Reborn of a Legendary Card when it reaches Level 17, and the third Reborn of a Legendary Card after reaching Level 22 and having 70 extra cards.

Doing reborns this way will help you avoid losing card might, of troops, and help you keep them in your main squad. Update: Oct reborns have been adjusted such that reborning now doesn't cause cards to lose as much strength as before, if any at all. In case you want to save some gold, you can also leave the card at the Level the current Reborn gets enabled. Only reborning it when you have enough cards to get it back up. An example of this is leveling a Common Card to Level 11 and leaving it at that Level until you get a stack of of said common card.

Afterwards you can perform the first Reborn and level your card all the way back up to 11 thus not wasting gold on extra levels you might have performed. Note: It is not recommended to perform a reborn outside a Reborn Mini-event since it helps you recover some cards. Every chest you open is governed by some statistical drop rate.

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