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A couple of weeks ago I came across a list of controllable webcams. It was a whole list of links, each one leading you to a website that showed an open camera feed. Schools, backyards, streets, factories, offices, laboratories. All of them live streaming whatever was happening.

Some places were in different timezones, and there was little you could see through the night. But others showed people working, passing by or otherwise going about their business, completely unaware an stranger on the internet could be watching them.

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From what I read, many surveillance systems were not properly configured and when connected to a wi-fi network, ended up visible on the internet, without even controllable webcams reddit a password to access. I have to admit, it felt very wrong spying on people like that but, at the same time, exciting. From the safety of my bedroom, I could watch other people without them ever realizing what I was doing.

Deep inside I felt like I was doing something wrong, but curiosity got a hold on me. I decided I would spy just a little. Every evening when I got home, I would tune in some webcams for just a couple of minutes. It became a kind of an addiction. I felt bad about it, but I simply couldn't hold myself. One cam in particular showed several police officers at somebody's front yard, then a few minutes later somebody was being carried out on a stretcher. I went to bed later wondering about what could have happened.

That person could have been killed, which would explain the police. I didn't even know where or who it was, but I watched it. I probably knew about the death of that person before their loved ones. I decided I had to stop at once but the next day one camera in particular kept me going. In my defense, I almost immediately closed the tab when I saw it. I was somebody's house.

But not the outside like usual. It was inside the house. Three cameras: one in the living room, one on the hallway and one in a bedroom. I know you must be thinking that's crossing the line. That's what I thought too. I looked at it for a few seconds, swapping from one camera to the next. It seemed to be a common house, nothing unusual about it. I just didn't feel right looking into somebody's house. I closed the tab and went on to browse something else but soon enough I was back. I just wanted to watch. It was a common house, nothing unusual about it, nobody in it. But there was something so exciting about this forbidden spying.

I started to look at the details. The TV in the living room was very similar to mine. From the hallway camera, you could see a little of the kitchen in the background. The bedroom was very simple, with just a bed and a laptop on a desk.

I became obsessed with it. I bookmarked the link and would watch it every single day. I started to gather the details. It seemed to be in the same timezone as I was, given that our suns would set at the same time. I could never catch anyone inside, but every day there was something slightly different about it. One day, the laptop was on the sofa in the living room. The other day, the bed was undone. But there was never anyone to be seen. In the back of my mind I was actually concerned whoever lived in there was unaware their place was publicly visible on the internet. I wondered if there was any way to contact them.

Their cameras were not controllable like some were you could pan left and right on some of them, but not all. But then again, if I contacted them, the fun would be over. It's not my fault I thought. Better to just leave it. Last Friday, I visited the link again. I still remember like it was yesterday. I had bought a couple of beers and some snacks, planning to spend the rest of the night on my computer. I live alone so that's pretty much what I do on my evenings after work. This time, I had a different surprise. The video was black in all three cameras. My heart sank.

I thought. They probably turned the cameras off. A little disheartened, I swapped through the cameras. Then I noticed something. I could see a very faint light coming from the living room window. The cameras were on! The lights were off! I felt a rush of excitement, followed by a chill on my neck down through my spine.

A realization came upon me. It was controllable webcams reddit night when I browsed these cameras, but the footage was always visible. The lights were always on, even though nobody was at home. This time though, they were off.

There was something eerie about watching that house in complete dark. I looked through all three cameras again, trying to discern something, anything in the dark. Nothing but the faint glow of the living room window through the curtains.

I turned the volume up in the hopes this camera had a microphone. I quickly grabbed my headphones and put them on. At first I heard nothing, but controllable webcams reddit it started. A distant, muffled crying. It would come and go in short intervals. I clicked the bedroom camera to see if I could still listen to the sound. In the hallway camera, there was sound but it was much quieter. In the living room camera though, it was there.

The emotionless, weak, short moan. It would come, then silence. Then the moan again. Suddenly, I hear a couple of steps.

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The crying became desperate, as if somebody was trying to scream but was unable to. My volume was almost at maximum, so the sound that came out of my headphones scared the shit out of me. The voice of a calm man. That was it. In a panic rush, I pulled my headphones off, got up from my chair and closed the browser.

I just wanted to block my contact with whatever the fuck was happening in that place.

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I swore loudly, trying to calm myself down. What the fuck was that? I walked to my kitchen to grab a beer and started to get my thoughts straight. There were clearly two different people inside that house. One of them seemed Against their will? Was that the reason for the crying? The other person though, was aware of the cameras. Was he talking to me?

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Well, no, that can't be the case. He could be talking to anyone who was watching. Whoever this person was, he knew his house was being recorded.

Controllable webcams reddit

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