Bedplay characters

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Flash CS6 or higher. How does it work? Inside each of the templates, there is a sample character on the stage that is split up into editable parts. Some of the parts have some weird features, but I've tried to explain them with comments and notes inside the template. There is also a little bit of code on the stage that you can use to determine a character's preferences and a few of their size-related traits. Who is allowed to make Bedplay characters characters? Have fun! Does it cost anything? Totally free. I figure that letting people add their own content to the game just makes the game better.

What kind of characters can I make? Rack supports characters that are generally humanoid in appearance and anatomy 2 arms, 2 legs, humanoid proportions. You are welcome to try absolutely any body style that you'd like; I just can't promise that it will work.

What kind of characters am I allowed to make? Obey the law. Don't draw anything illegal. I take absolutely no responsibility for what you do with the templates. The template files are provided as-is. If you do stupid shit and get yourself in trouble, I will not be there to help you. Am I allowed to take commissions to draw Rack characters? Be honest, and there won't be any problems. Does this mean you won't be doing any more Rack auctions?

I guess this really just depends on bedplay characters or not people want me to. I think I'd prefer to spend my time working on the game itself, for a little while, but I might still auction off characters from time to time. Send me a link to the finished character. You don't relinquish any of your IP rights, and you remain the owner of the character's copyright. You give me permission to rehost and share your character, but only if your character has already been made available online.

If you include artist information, I will credit you when I share the character. You give me permission to use remote analytics to track the use of your character so I can see when it's available online and where it's hosted. Why do you track custom characters?

Do you track any personal data? Everything is tracked anonymously.

Bedplay characters

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