Altered heroines guide

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An 'Alpha' path where your characters form remains masculine, but can choose to take a submissive role with females. The game is visually driven with the focus on high quality custom renders and animations. What's your story? We're a small team of developers and graphic artists turned corporate drones who wanted to go back to doing what we love.

Technology has afforded us a way to put our time and sweat into a game we wanted to create and Patreon allows us to connect with fellow gamers and stay motivated. Why Patreon? Simply, over time, we believe our pledges will be a measure of our ability to create a good product. Our game builds will always be free. This system allows us to reward those who enjoy our work with additional content and to get a 'sneak peek' at upcoming altered heroines guide.

We're in the for the long haul and the pledge system helps keep us motivated and able to our deadlines. We want to excel as artists and developers and truly grow this into something special. Why Switch to Twine? Twine allows us to utilize a single universal platform to deliver our content and story. While the transition was rocky, and game mechanics required some minor story adjustments, we feel this format is way more flexible.

Also in any development project, team members can come and go and Twine allows us to keep going without having to worry about having enough development resources to keep on schedule for a large project. Incredible, thanks to everyone for us being able to even consider this goal! A big part of our goal is to create in game animations and video. By achieving this goal we will be able to put forth the time and effort and to acquire the necessary software to start putting more animations in our game!

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Altered heroines guide

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